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Dream Girl 9th October 2015 Written Update

Dream Girl watch online

Ayesha checking the CCTV footage and getting shocked seeing the girl leaving from home. Manav knocks door and asks Ayesha to open the door. Ayesha gets shocked seeing her twin sister Aarti sleeping on the couch. Aarti opens eyes and looks at Ayesha. Manav asks Ayesha to open the door. Ayesha talks to Aarti. She says coming Manav and hides Aarti. Aarti refuses to hide. Ayesha says then I won’t talk to you. Aarti agrees. Ayesha opens the door and tells Manav that she did not lock the door, it happened by mistake.

He says mum had to go for urgent work and asks her to come to do rituals. Ayesha says I will get ready and shuts the door hearing sound. Manav goes. Aarti says there are many clothes, I have seen all your movies. Aarti chooses a dress. Ayesha asks how did she come here and shouts on her. Aarti cries. Ayesha apologizes, Aarti asks Ayesha why does she always scold her and not call her Didi. Ayesha asks what. Aarti says I m elder to you by 5mins, you should call me Didi, then I will talk to you. Ayesha says fine, Didi, who got you here. Aarti says I was getting bored at home, I m hungry, give me something to eat. Ayesha says fine, I will give food, tell me how you got here.

Bua talks on phone and says we will reach in one hour. Laxmi tries calling Samar. Aarti says how she has come here, there was long lonely road, then someone came and identified me as if he has seen me, he dropped me here.

She says guard stopped her after which you can he has permitted me to go, I came right here and slept. Ayesha asks did she notify Everybody she is Aarti. Aarti says I behaved such as you, I did not convey to any one I m Aarti. Ayesha asks her not to make noise, she will get foods. Aarti likes the red sandals and states she has found the colorful world for The 1st time, I desire to use colourful outfits and sandals. Ayesha thinks how to proceed, friends will probably be coming now. She thinks how to proceed.

Karan wakes up Samar and asks him to get ready before long. Bua asks Laxmi to prepare. Laxmi tries contacting Samar. She gets ready and smiles. She thinks where is Samar, its engagement nowadays and Samar has switched off his cellular phone. Samar receives ready. Zara zara aane lage…………..plays………..

Samar calls Karan and asks him to return. Laxmi claims its best working day of her everyday living and is particularly satisfied for Samar and her engagement. Karan thinks he did not Assume at the present time would arrive. He recollects Laxmi’s terms and thinks he loves Laxmi, probably they can be satisfied together, Laxmi is not able to choose, this means she has appreciate for me, Is that this signing to hold her hand and get joy, Laxmi could become mine.

Ayesha tends to make Aarti Prepared just like her. Aarti goes out and sees Manav as well as guests. Ayesha concerns.

Written Update By Sahir


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