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Dream Girl 8th October 2015 Written Update

Dream Girl watch online

Ayesha lying to Manav. He says I know you are lying, but it would be good if you attend function tomorrow, call Samar if you need anything. Prem talks to Manav and they leave. Ayesha thinks whats going on in that home and removes the glucose pin. She checks cctv camera feed on her laptop. She sees the girl sleeping and is relieved. She keeps laptop on and sleeps. The girl gets up and opens the door. She comes out and sees caretaker sleeping. She looks for the keys and gets it from caretaker lady.

She goes out of the house. She walks on the road wearing simple attire. Kushal is on the way in an auto and stops seeing her. He asks Mam, what are you doing on this lonely road at night, where is your car. The girl sits in the auto. Kushal drops her to Sareen house and wonders what happened to Ayesha. The girl sees guard sleeping and goes towards the gate. She gets tensed. The guard asks who is it. He sees her and says sorry Madam. He opens the gate and she goes inside.

She walks inside Ayesha’s room and sleeps on the couch, while Ayesha is sleeping on the bed. Laxmi is in lawn and Manav comes to her. He says I you’re your home with shagun dress, I came to know you are at Navrang and came to meet you, what are you doing here. This means you are worried, you are confused and looking at the stars, whats the matter, tell me frankly. He asks her to confide in him, he won’t tell anyone, she can regard him a friend, is it that they did not give her time. She says no, I love Samar, but I can’t hurt anyone’s feelings. He asks who. She says Karan, I feel guilty seeing him, Karan is happy uniting me and Samar, but I find him really sad, I feel I m doing wrong. She says is her love for Raj so weak, she can’t see Karan sad, she don’t want to get engaged tomorrow.

Manav asks her the dream of her existence, what she wished to become, She says she has arrive to become aspiration Woman. He claims Feel you have grown to be aspiration Female, and asks her to repeat her speech. She speaks about Raj, who is every little thing for her, he trusts her a whole lot. Manav states you took Raj’s name immediately after All your family members, why.

Laxmi says I love Raj. Manav states particularly, you love Samar and regard Karan, in the event you don’t do engagement, you can truly feel negative for Samar, do what your heart needs, turn out to be selfish for some time. He clarifies her very well and she or he smiles. Manav claims your like continues to be very same, Samar is still Raj for her. She asks about Karan. Manav says Karan will discover another person, He’ll like some Woman. She many thanks him for relieving her from this burden and many thanks him. He asks her to smile, its her engagement tomorrow and he or she ought to be delighted. She claims she would like to sit right here for sometime. He asks her to keep smiling.

Ayesha gets shocked observing her twin sister in her room, although Manav asks her to open up the door.

Written Update By Sahir


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