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Dream Girl 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shikha/Aarti thinking she loves Raghu a lot, even when they did not marry, but his love was her power, and strength in bad times, she trusts her Kanha ji that he can’t snatch her love. Ayesha says I m Ayesha Sareen, its not big thing to win Raghu’s love, I will make him helpless to love me, I will prove Raghu did not fall for Shikha’s simplicity, he liked just her face. She gets ready. Shikha thinks what to do that Raghu does not go to Ayesha’s room.

Raghu comes and Shikha stops him. She says I m sorry, I did not wish to create misunderstanding. He says its okay, we all know why Aarti went there, she is Aarti. She says she is lucky as you love her a lot, I wish your trust is proved right. He goes. She wishes that her trust wins and says whatever Ayesha does, Raghu is just mine.

Raghu goes to room and sees the lovely decorations in the room. Ayesha shuts the door and sings Raat akeli hai………… She dresses in a western outfit. She pushes him on the bed and hugs him, while he gets surprised and shocked seeing her. She gets close to him. He tries to get away. She holds his hand and he signs her to stop it. She asks what happened. He says I don’t know, I did not have any feelings, I felt as if you are not Aarti, but someone else.

She says I m Aarti, or tell me you have someone else in your eyes, what are you doing, look at me, see this, I did all planning to give you happiness, you are saying you are not getting that feeling, do you get feelings with Shikha. He says shut up and comes out of the room. Ayesha fumes. Raghu gets the wine bottle and does not drink. He goes back to the room. Ayesha drinks wine. Raghu gets shocked seeing her drinking wine.

She turns and sees Raghu. He holds her and asks who are you, and sees the wine bottle. He says please tell me, who are you, you are not Aarti…. You are Ayesha…. He shouts and says you are not Aarti. She shouts and says you are not Raghu then, you are not the Raghu I knew, he had love for me, care and pain for me in his eyes, see yourself, you are ill mannered, you can’t be my Raghu, how will you feel if I talk to you like this, I m fed up, since we are married, its like you got any shock, did you talk with love, I told you once not to come close to me, you agreed, as if you were waiting for it, you did not do anything special for me, now I did all this, you are saying this. He says shut up. She says I m fed up, everyone is saying the same, get over it.

She says I drank wine and I became Ayesha for me, what would I do if you behave such, you ruined everything today, you wanted to know who am I, that’s why you came in this room. He slaps her and says I m someone else right, my Aarti is not such shameless, you planned all this to get physical, Aarti used to get shy when I held her hand, she did not know this drama, why did you dance, when I touch you, there is no feeling, its all fake like your love. He says this is Aarti’s fav tie, you did not even notice this tie, why… you are not my Aarti, she knew what I wanted and who I m, I know good and bad, don’t be in misunderstanding, you are Ayesha. Now when this is clear, there is no meaning in staying together. She stops him. He asks her to leave him, and goes out. Ayesha cries.

Manav asks Shikha who are you, what is your real name, tell me. Shikha says Aarti…

Written Update By Amena


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