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Dream Girl 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ayesha telling Samar that she will speak to Manav. Samar leaves. Ayesha looks at Nidhi and smiles. Karan sees the and thinks why did he not have an understanding of this in advance of, that Ayesha can be at the rear of All of this. He stops Laxmi. Laxmi suggests this did not transpire proper with Samar, I understand its not his miscalculation. Karan says you bought your script, Samar will sense you probably did all this, don’t check out him, I understand who did this, I’ll discuss with Manav. She thanks him. He states he can perform anything at all for her happiness. Samar taunts him and asks what can he do, you framed me and made me tumble in Manav’s eyes. Laxmi claims He’s mistaken.

Samar states they both did this, blamed me of spoiling costume and stealing script, and afterwards my script received stolen and her script appeared, I’m sure Karan did this, and asks him to dislike him. Ayesha smiles looking at them and claims she preferred this. Laxmi states I was speaking to Karan. Samar stops her and says this tends to be highly-priced for Karan. Karan suggests I don’t should verify my loyalty to any one. Samar states you proved Anyone, what now. Ayesha sees Manav coming and receives tensed as everything will occur out. Laxmi stops Samar and Karan from arguing.

Ayesha stops Manav and asks him to not consider anxiety, lets go and consume something. Manav states no, I m not hungry and walks upstairs. Manav hears Laxmi inquiring Samar and Karan to sit down and discuss. Samar states he gained’t are available her words and phrases. Karan states check with me, you believe I did all this, Laxmi is imp for me, I’ll do just about anything, I m not concerned, I will help her in Incorrect way too, you did not forgive her for the error she did not do. Samar suggests you snatched my really like Karan, you arrived among us, you built her blind by your cash. Manav thinks what….. Laxmi and Samar and gets stunned. Laxmi asks Exactly what are you declaring Raj… plus they all end viewing Manav and Ayesha.

Samar states I…. Manav walks by earlier them and goes to his cabin. Ayesha says you men are difficult, whats Incorrect with you all. Karan gets Manav’s phone and suggests alright. He says Manav referred to as me in place. He stops Ayesha and claims he just termed me. He goes on the cabin. Ayesha thinks this didn’t come about suitable. Karan involves Manav. Manav asks whats going on, just what the hell is happening. Karan says Samar and Laxmi, Samar knows her properly and tells anything to him. Manav recalls Laxmi was about to acquire Raj’s name on stage and Ayesha stopped her.

Manav asks does everyone know relating to this. Ayesha relates to her cabin and claims Manav read anything and named Karan to talk, why did he not simply call me to speak, Karan will inform him every thing. She drinks water and panics, that Manav will know The entire Tale. She worries that Karan will say I finished Laxmi’s vocation, and I separated Samar and Laxmi, Manav will not speak with me, but what really should I say. She panics and shivers. She rushes outside of her cabin.

Samar is in his home and states it did not come about ideal. Manav will likely be angry, I’ll talk with him and convince him. He states he is going to be with Karan now, I’ll speak afterwards, I’ve broken Manav’s rely on. Laxmi waits outdoors Manav’s place and states I hope he’s not scolding Karan, its not Karan’s oversight. She concerns and prays to Lord.

Ayesha comes to Samar and says she did significant mistake, she could have told Manav about him and Laxmi, don’t know what is going to he Consider. Samar claims take it easy, you didn’t know anything, its my blunder. She suggests Indeed, but.. what do you’re thinking that Manav will forgive me. He says I will talk with him and say the reality that you’ve hidden this on my declaring. She says I will require you. He states I m right here, include me.

Karan will come out and tells Laxmi that he informed the reality. Samar suggests I will speak with him. Karan says Manav asked to leave him by itself for someday. Samar suggests I don’t belief Karan and leaves. Laxmi asks Karan why did he inform everything, what is going to Manav think. Karan claims Manav is mature and can take proper choice, I can’t hide just about anything, he had listened to anything, sorry. Ayesha and Samar come home and she concerns that Manav did not talk to me. Samar says He’ll check with Manav. Manav arrives property and looks at her angrily. She suggests she is trying to talk to him.

He presents her an indignant stare and states he does not have to talk to her. He goes. Samar states he is mistaken, I will speak with him and goes right after Manav. Samar says what ever Karan advised you, I’ll tell you the truth, you realized the girl I cherished refused me, I assumed whats the use to show you if there is not any relation, I didn’t would like for making you are concerned, I admit my miscalculation, whats Ayesha’s fault, she enjoys you a lot, be sure to discuss with her. Manav states he won’t wish to talk about Ayesha, its his appropriate to grasp every little thing relevant to movie, she did not care which i m her spouse, how dare she hides these things from me, now I will do what I experience appropriate. He sees Ayesha for the doorway.

He scolds Ayesha. Ayesha asks Manav to not go through the place. He suggests he can’t be with her in identical home and leaves. She cries. Samar pacifies her. He states anything might be fantastic tomorrow, cheer up, I’ll discuss with him, We are going to close visitor place. He leaves. She closes the door and suggests I realized it, Karan informed every thing to Manav, All of this thanks to Laxmi, she has designed Manav faraway from me. She claims if I scold her on mobile phone, she is going to cry and come to Manav, I don’t know how to proceed. She cries.

Ayesha would make Manav’s fav food. Manav tells Samar that he can’t forgive Ayesha. Samar gets indignant on Laxmi and scolds her as Karan ignited hearth in Ayesha’s daily life because of her. He asks her for making items good, else he will never depart her.

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