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Dream Girl 6th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Ayesha showing the lady the girl inside the room. The lady gets scared. Ayesha explains her not to let anyone come inside, cook food, sleep in hall, take care of the girl, not go outside and keep door shut. She says window is also closed and explains the caretaker lady in signs. She gives a mobile to the lady to call her if needed. She asks her to keep door locked and she will come after some time. The lady locks the bolt.

Karan brings Laxmi home. Sona and Prem ask where did she go, they are also her family now. Karan says she got emotional as you love her a lot. Sona says you did favor by becoming our bahu, you deserve this. Karan says everything is fine. Manav says no need to take stress, we can keep simple engagement if you don’t like grand. Karan tells Prem about pandit. He says Laxmi is just taking stress, its all fine. Manav asks about Samar. Karan says Samar went out with his friend, maybe he wants space. Manav thanks him for managing everything so well. Karan says everything will happen without hurdle, I m here. Laxmi looks at him.

Ayesha leaves from the flat. Samar sees her leaving and goes to the flat. Samar knocks at the door. The lady looks for the girl. She sees her shadow and goes close. The girl attacks on her hand by her nails. The lady goes back. She opens the door and Samar asks her does she stay here. She can’t hear him. Samar asks who else stay here, I have seen you with Ayesha, what were you doing, who else stays here, don’t push me, I want to know. The girl leaves from behind. He asks her constantly and she pushes him out of the door.

Samar gets down and says strange woman, as if she is deaf and mute. He holds the broker and asks him about Ayesha. The man denies knowing Ayesha. Samar threatens him about police. The man says Ayesha has come to give money to poor women. Samar says I met that woman, she did not reply. The man says she can’t hear or understand you, she is deaf and mute, the woman has her daughter, I went to get ration for her. Samar asks why is she keeping them here. He says world is bad, they pull young women in bad business, Ayesha is like Devi, she is securing them here. Samar asks them to go. He thinks maybe this is true, its possible, I m doubting uselessly.

Sona talks to Laxmi. Laxmi sees Sona and Prem’s Charming bond. Sona tells Laxmi that belief is very important, its just adore, The main reason to alongside one another, I like Prem and made a decision to stay with him, you and Samar also can’t keep devoid of one another. Samar comes and hugs Sona. Laxmi asks Samar to talk to her. She wants to explain to him and he asks whats the issue. She says I used to be locating you, we’re getting engaged tomorrow. Samar states I was preoccupied with perform, its performed now, convey to me what exactly is it. Karan hears them. Laxmi states if we could.. Karan stops Laxmi and says she has very little to mention at this time.

Karan helps make excuses and will not Allow Laxmi and Samar communicate. He asks Samar to invest time with him. Samar laughs. Karan tells him that Assembly so generally will go away no exhilaration and usually takes Samar alongside. Laxmi worries and thinks Karan is having all ache in his facet for everyone’s contentment. Ayesha will come household and thinks she is trapped among 2 residences. She will get the lady’s concept asking for support. She gets stunned looking through it….

Ayesha asks that Lady to come back out. The Lady attacks the lady again. Karan and Samar rejoice. Laxmi tries contacting Samar.

Written Update By Sahir


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