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Dream Girl 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Dream Girl watch online

The Episode starts with Ayesha dropping the soup. Everyone look on. Ayesha says it slipped from my hand, I will change and come. Shikha says I can see the story’s effect. Ayesha goes to green room and says Shikha is so foolish, I knew about that soup, how did she think I will be trapped in her plans. She takes juice and drinks it, boasting about herself. She cleans the saree. Shikha adds something in the juice and leaves. Ayesha comes back and drinks the juice.

Shikha asks Raghy why is he worried. He says no, I don’t know why is Aarti behaving weird. Shikha asks are you saying about soup, it was hot and felt. Raghu says no, it was dropped, she made this obvious, she dislikes you. She asks maybe she is thinking of stomach ache as cancer symptoms. Manav asks how can you say. Shikha says doctor said Ayesha has cancer, but we see some symptoms in Aarti too. Ayesha gets up to go and gets dizzy. She worries and checks symptoms of cancer.

Manav says why will Aarti have these symptoms. Shikha says you are right, I don’t know, you all carry on. she smiles and leaves. Manav says Raghu, you may have observed that Aarti is behaving like Ayesha, did we do mistake in identifying them. Raghu says no, we can’t jump to conclusions, Aarti is stressed, its not possible. He goes. Karan asks Manav shall I call Aarti. Manav sends him. Ayesha says I can’t have cancer, and falls down. Karan comes and asks her to come for the shot. Ayesha says coming, and gets unwell.

Its night, Ayesha wakes up and thinks to go hospital for a checkup. Shikha sees her leaving and follows her. Ayesha comes to hospital. Shikha smiles and calls Raghu. Raghu wakes up and answers call. Shikha asks him about Aarti. Raghu says no, she is not here, is everything fine. Shikha says it means my doubt was right, come to hospital fast, Aarti is here.

Ayesha goes for tests. Shikha follows her and gets call. She says I m just coming. She asks Raghu and Manav to come, I have seen Aarti going to cancer department, maybe she was getting those symptoms. They collide with some patient and get late. Nurse says your tests are done, we will mail you report. Ayesha thanks nurse and gets shocked seeing Shikha. She makes nurse lie to Shikha. Raghu asks Shikha why did you take Ayesha’s name. Shikha says everyone will assume she is Ayesha. Manav says its big hospital, we will find her. Raghu says why will Aarti come here and they go. Shikha goes inside to check and nurse stops her. Ayesha hides. She gives money to nurse and leaves. Shikha sees her running, and runs after her. She says I will find you. Ayesha hides. Raghu calls Aarti, and Ayesha’s phone rings. He does not see her. She keeps her phone on silent mode. Manav asks Raghu did you get her. Raghu says no. Manav says maybe Shikha was wrong. Raghu says she called us here at night, maybe its true, I will check again. Shikha catches Ayesha and asks where were you running, you got trapped in my plan, I knew you will come here knowing about cancer, I know all your weaknesses, I m your sister. Ayesha says so this was your plan. Shikha says yes, I informed Raghu, Manav has come too, I messaged them, they will be coming, I will see how you get saved. Ayesha sees Raghu coming and says you really want to do this. Shikha says I will see who saves you. Ayesha says fine, tell Raghu. Raghu asks where is Aarti. Shikha sees Ayesha went, and says she was here. Ayesha quickly leaves. Shikha stops her.

Servant brings courier for Aarti. Raghu checks medical report and asks Ayesha who are you. Ayesha says I m your Aarti. Raghu shouts lie. Manav and Shikha look on.

Written Update By Amena


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