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Dream Girl 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raghu telling Aarti that I m so happy, I love you. He hugs Aarti. Manav congratulates them. Ayesha looks on and leaves. Manav goes to see Ayesha. Ayesha cries and tells Manav that even I such big happiness in my life. I wanted to share Aarti’s happiness, but they feel I want to kill Aarti, I love her. You can’t imagine how much hurt I m. Aarti and Raghu look on. Aarti consoles Ayesha and says you are mistaken, I m sorry on Raghu’s behalf, he does not dislike you, he is overprotective about me, as he almost lost me, that’s why he is doing this, he is scared, if you see from his side, you can understand him. Ayesha gets cheerful and says I understand, maybe you are right, so he loves you more and does not hate me. Aarti hugs Ayesha.

Ayesha says congrats a lot. Aarti thanks her. Manav smiles. Raghu goes from there. Doctor tells Raghu that I have told you many times before that your attitude will make Ayesha’s state worse. Raghu says Ayesha is doing drama, my experience says Ayesha is not ill. Aarti and Manav come there. Aarti says Raghu is right, Raghu can believe anything, but we have one way to treat Ayesha with love, she is saying truth or not, we can prove it, when we ensure we think the way she wants us to think.

She says if she is saying truth, her memory will improve, if she is lying, she will be caught in her overconfidence, we have to support her, last time talk to her. Raghu and everyone see Ayesha there. Ayesha gets sad and goes. Aati asks Raghu to come with her.

Ayesha cries in her room. Aarti says Raghu wants to tell you something Ayesha. Raghu says Ayesha, I should have not behaved that way, I m sorry. Ayesha gets glad and hugs him. Raghu asks Aarti whats this. Aarti holds his hand. Ayesha says its enough you said this. She gets away and says sorry, I just felt you did not trust me, but saying this, you made me happy. Raghu says I m overprotective about Aarti. Ayesha says I m so happy for both of you, Aarti will give a new happiness to us, I will become Maasi and you will become Papa, I want to be with Aarti till her delivery, can I take care of Aarti. Raghu looks at Aarti. She nods. Raghu says fine. Ayesha hugs Aarti and smiles.

Aarti goes for checkup. Ayesha talks to doctor about Aarti. Aarti smiles seeing Ayesha’s positivity. Days pass soon. Happy moments between Raghu and Aarti are shown. Ayesha takes care of Aarti.

Ayesha and Aarti find some baby names from internet. Raghu and Manav come and ask whats happening. Ayesha says we are deciding baby girl names of Aarti’s baby. Manav says it can be baby boy too. Ayesha says it will be baby girl. Ayesha and Manav argue. Raghu hugs Aarti. Ayesha cuts applie and feeds Aarti. Ayesha is shown doing a sister’s role well and being with Aarti all the time.

They go out for a walk. Ayesha makes Aarti laugh. She hears the baby. She feeds juice to Aarti. They laugh. Later, doctor tells Raghu that its nearly one year Ayesha has come here, I think she will lose her memory forever, its strange. Raghu says it means Ayesha will not get punished. Inspector says no, till she gets fine, we can’t arrest her, she will be just house arrest, we will keep an eye on her. Ayesha comes to them and tells them that Aarti is getting labor pains.

They rush Aarti to hospital. Raghu is tensed. Manav says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Ayesha asks Raghu not to worry, you will get a daughter. Nurse says congrats, its baby girl. They all hug happily. Raghu asks is Aarti fine. Nurse says yes, you can meet her. They meet Aarti. Aarti smiles seeing the baby. They all see the baby happily. Raghu takes the baby in his arms and says I m your Papa.

Raghu gives the baby to Ayesha. Ayesha manages the baby and asks her not to cry. Ayesha gives baby to Aarti. Raghu sits with Aarti and they smile.

Ayesha and Manav welcome Raghu and Aarti with the girl Sasha. Ayesha does their aarti. Aarti and Raghu see the decorations. Aarti says its lovely, did you do this, thanks. Ayesha asks Aarti to take gift for Sasha. She shows a small locket and chain. She takes Sasha and goes ahead. Aarti says I m feeling good seeing Ayesha like this, she changed a lot, come. They all go. Ayesha smiles and asks Sasha to cry. She talks to Sasha and asks her to get habitual to her, as Aarti won’t be her mummy. She smiles…. Ayesha asks Sasha to be quiet. Aarti comes and Ayesha starts acting sweet. Aarti takes Ayesha for feeding.

Aarti and Raghu talk to Sasha. Raghu thanks Aarti for this wonderful gift. Manav comes and tells about baby naming ceremony. They have a talk. Ayesha hears them. She hides seeing the maid coming. The maid tells them that inspector came with lawyer. Raghu and Manav say we did not call them and go to see. Aarti asks maid to take care of Sasha and be with her. She goes. Ayesha says why did police came now.

Ayesha gets angry that they want to take her to jail hospital.

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