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Dream Girl 3rd December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayesha wishing all the best to Aarti. Aarti leaves to meet Raghu. Raghu recalls his brother’s sorrow and Ayesha’s words. Aarti comes there and Raghu gets angry seeing her. He throws the glass and it falls near her feet. She screams and sees Raghu. She tensely walks in his home and thinks it looks tough thing to do now. She walks upstairs to Raghu. He says he likes her punctuality and asks what happened to her, she has done this herself.

He holds her hand and she gets tensed. He holds her face and says beautiful. He gets close to her and sees her forehead. She asks where did that wound mark go, she was hurt yesterday. He shouts and asks her. She says she did makeup above that mark. He asks what makeup, there is nothing. She thinks he has to make him sure, else truth will be out, what will Ayesha do in this situation. He asks her where is the mark. She says fine, I will show the wound.

She runs downstairs and goes to washroom. She says Ayesha was right, this man is very strange, how to show him the wound. She looks around. Raghu comes downstairs and looks for her. He shouts Ayesha ji, what are you doing…. Is this any way to run. Aarti gets tensed and hurts herself striking her head to the wall. She comes out and shows him the wound mark. She says you had to see wound, see it now, she was removing makeup so wound also got damaged more. He asks her to do this soon, they have to reach office.

Aarti and Raghu come to Navrang. He makes Aarti hold everything. Aarti does not take staff help. Raghu tells the staff about their deal, he is their boss for 7 days, if Ayesha completes the challenge. Then he will be their boss forever, and asks them to relax, as Ayesha will do all his work. He asks them to enjoy.

Ayesha is on a shoot and shows attitude to the staff. Raghu looks at Aarti and comes to her. She gets tensed.

Raghu scolds Aarti and goes. He asks the staff not to help Ayesha and enjoy.

Written Update By Amena


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