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Dream Girl 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Samar breaking Atul’s car. Ayesha goes to see Laxmi’s cabin, and looks for what Laxmi was hiding. She gets the powder in the drawer and checks it. She applies it to her hand and thinks what is it. It suddenly starts itching to her. She says alright, now I get it, its itching powder, what a silly childish woman she is, foolish, and throws the power in the bin. Samar puts kerosene on Atul’s car and takes the lighter from the watchman. Atul comes and stops Samar. Samar scolds her for touching Naina and taking advantage of her. Atul says stop it, I m not such man.

Ayesha comes and stops Samar. Samar asks Atul not to see any woman in bad way, else he will not leave him. He leaves. Laxmi thinks its her mistake to come this way infront of Samar. She goes to her cabin. Ayesha apologizes to Atul. Laxmi checks the drawer and sees the itching powder missing. She finds it in the bin and says this mean Ayesha came to know this.

Ayesha laughs and tells Karan that he made use of itching powder, good concept, she has identified it, He’s kiddish to ship blind Laxmi. She says Laxmi has forgot the script, she did not produce it on her have. She states you must see Laxmi when she’s with Samar, like tensed. She claims their sport will probably be around. Karan says Laxmi’s weak spot will damage every little thing.

Samar will come property. Manav scolds him and asks why did he make big situation. Samar claims Atul was touching Naina. Manav says I verified from Naina. Samar suggests Atul was Making the most of her. Manav suggests I am aware Atul, he can’t achieve this, he was just Keeping her, who provoked you, explain to me. Ayesha arrives and asks Samar to go and relaxation. Manav asks Ayesha whats taking place, you stated you spoke to physician, Samar is obtaining even worse, give me medical doctor’s selection, I’ll check with him. Ayesha thinks she didn’t seek the advice of any health care provider. She claims each drugs desires the perfect time to outcome.

She claims this is withdrawal symptoms, he can get aggressive if we request him, medication is influencing him, trust me. Manav says wonderful, I decided Samar will never meet Naina. She gets stunned and asks why. He suggests you felt he will ignore Laxmi meeting Naina, but Samar feels she is Laxmi. Ayesha suggests Sure, now Samar will not be looking forward to Laxmi. He claims wonderful, I think I overreacted.

Laxmi arrives dwelling. She asks Karan why is he sitting in darkness. Karan states you can not maintain that itching powder Protected. Ayesha involves see Samar. She sees He’s sleeping. She appears to be like for his telephone and receives it. Laxmi says not a soul claimed anything at all, but somebody has thrown powder in dustbin. Karan states who else can make this happen, apart from Ayesha. Karan claims he did not Assume how will Laxmi respond viewing Samar restless. She states its very little like that. Ayesha messages Laxmi, that he is aware she’s his Laxmi, is she acting as Naina to consider revenge from Ayesha, He’s together with her in this battle, he appreciates she gained’t trust him, but he swears of her appreciate, He’ll meet up with her and talk, yours Raj…. Ayesha says recreation is performed similar to this Laxmi.

Karan asks Laxmi to Consider she’s away from Samar. Laxmi gets Samar’s message and thinks does Samar know every thing, really should she say Karan. She lies to Karan. Karan states share when there is any trouble. She says nothing. He leaves.

Its morning, Ayesha comes for her scene. Manav fulfills Atul. Atul states regardless of what happened yesterday… Manav claims I wished to apologize personally. Atul claims He’ll depart this movie. Manav states this gained’t transpire likelihood. Ayesha asks Atul to let it go, and asks the scene. Atul tells about banjara track, she’ll be dancing and see the villain, she will assault on villain together with her hair pin. She goes to change. Samar arrives there and talks to Kushal. He states he forgot his cell phone in the home and asks for Kushal’s cell phone to deliver mails. Kushal offers his telephone.

Ayesha arrives attire in banjara dress. Atul sees Samar there. Manav goes to Samar and talks to him. Samar claims he is ok, he arrived to discover shoot as he was becoming bored at your house. Manav suggests fantastic, we will need your suggestions. Ayesha suggests she needs rehearsals. Atul claims We’ll do choose, if its not alright, then Imagine its rehearsals. She says high-quality. Atul suggests action…. Ayesha dances about the banjara track Dilbar………… Manav states superb. Samar asks Ayesha or dance. Manav suggests Ayesha dancing. They laugh. Laxmi will come there. Ayesha sees her whilst dancing. Ayesha thinks she was expecting Naina today.

Ayesha messages Laxmi from Samar’s phone. She tells Samar to apologize to Naina.

Written Update By Sahir


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