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Dream Girl 29th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayesha looking for Mithi in the car. The driver tells Manav that Ayesha took Mithi. Manav scolds him and asks why did he not inform anyone. Mithi calls Ayesha for help. Ayesha runs in the flat and sees Mithi asking help in shock. Ayesha rushes to Mithi and takes her in arms, while asking someone to back off. Manav is worried for Mithi.

Prem says Ayesha loves Mithi and will take care. Ayesha brings Mithi home. Sona takes Mithi. Manav argues with Ayesha. She says Mithi came to meet me, she was insisting, I told her to go home, she was not agreeing. Manav says I can’t trust you, if you can make Samar a drug addict, you can do anything with her. Prem asks them to call doctor. Manav calls the doctor.

The doctor checks Mithi. Ayesha thinks she has to hide these documents. She sees Mithi’s school bag and hides documents in it. Manav scolds Ayesha and sends her. Karan decides Laxmi’s look for the movie. Laxmi and Samar have a talk. He says we don’t know each other. She asks him to ask anything, she is ready. He says he was flirting, she is like a beautiful riddle for me, what should he ask her now. He asks her to choose her engagement ring. Karan asks them to try their outfits and check fittings. Samar gets a call and says I m coming. Karan asks what happened. Samar says there is emergency, Mithi fainted, you guys do rehearsals, I will come in some time.

The physician tells Prem and Manav that Mithi is okay, she may have bought frightened and fainted by shock. Manav asks what shock. The doctor suggests Mithi can convey to that, she will be high-quality. He leaves. Ayesha panics and thinks what’s going to materialize now. Sona says everything will likely be great. Manav states I won’t depart Ayesha, don’t know how she stunned Mithi, and phone calls out Ayesha. Mithi wakes up. Manav hugs her and asks why was she afraid. Ayesha arrives there dressed in simple white fit. Ayesha thinks if Mithi sees me On this gown, possibly my do the job will be completed, I don’t treatment what Other people Assume. Mithi hugs Ayesha. Ayesha asks is she great.

Prem tells Manav that maybe Mithi heard about divorce and it affected her, see how she is hugging Ayesha. Sona says yes, children needs parents, don’t make Ayesha away from Mithi. Ayesha smiles. Samar asks Manav not to snatch Mithi’s happiness and let her stay with Ayesha. Samar gets Karan’s call and says Mithi is fine, she is with Ayesha. Karan says we will do rehearsals tomorrow, take care of Mithi. Karan packs up the shoot. He tells Laxmi that Mithi got well, but Samar won’t come. She says fine and slips on the stairs. Karan holds her and she looks at him.

He asks is she fantastic. Her foot receives sprain and he cares for her. She gets great and smiles. She claims she is okay now and leaves. Prem says Mithi is sensitive, let her be with Ayesha. Samar joins them for evening meal and asks about Mithi. Manav tells Prem about pending superior work, that’s Samar and Laxmi’s marriage. Its time that we obtain the married. They all get happy. Sona suggests this time we will maintain grand wedding, I’ve some desires also. Samar claims I heard laugh following a long time.

Manav says there are lots of matters pending, We are going to retain engagement, then make movie, release Motion picture and keep relationship. Sona teases Samar about his inlaws and states she will talk with Laxmi’s dad. Prem says this is pleasant prepare. Manav claims this was Karan’s idea, Ayesha spoiled everything and Karan is generating matters good, he wrote this Motion picture for Samar and Laxmi, and mentioned he will do all relationship preparations, I hope practically nothing Incorrect takes place this time. Ayesha hears them and thinks its fantastic not one person will interfere with her solution.

Manav collides with the bag and the file falls. Ayesha worries thinking did Manav get it, She gets the file.

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