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Dream Girl 29th October 2015 Written Update

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The Episode starts with Ayesha taking some papers from cupboard. Manav and Prem come to Aarti. Prem asks why is she packing, is she going anywhere. She denies. Manav checks her bags. Aarti says I did not do anything, I did not steal. Manav asks her to come to side. She cries and hides. Manav lifts the cushion and finds money. Aarti says its my money. Manav makes her sit and says I know you were made to do this, who made you steal cash. She cries and says don’t give me to police. Manav angrily asks her. He says I have seen you leaving from my room, you lied to me. Ayesha comes there and looks on.

Manav asks her to say truth, he wants to know the name of person who told her to do this. Ayesha gets tensed and interrupts. She asks whats happening here. Aarti hugs Ayesha. Manav says cash was stolen from locker. Ayesha asks what, Aarti you started this again, that’s why I don’t take you anywhere, this is why I keep her shut in house. Aarti gets shocked. Ayesha says I m feeling so bad, its good you got the money, she is ill, she takes anything she likes, I m sorry. I will take her. She says I will explain her, leave us alone for some time. Manav and Prem leave.

Aarti says you are so bad Ayesha, you made me thief. Ayesha looks at her. Manav tells Prem that Aarti is made to steal, trust me. Karan comes and asks about robbery. Manav tells about Aarti, she was made to steal. Ayesha said Aarti has habit to steal since childhood. Karan says Ayesha is lying. Ayesha asks Aarti to keep quiet. Aarti says you called me thief. Ayesha says I did this to save you. Aarti says you are a liar. Karan says Aarti can’t steal. I will talk to her.

Aarti says I won’t listen to you. Karan and Manav come there and hear them. Ayesha asks Aarti to stay quiet, she has some work, she should not go out, they can give her in police, shut the door now. Ayesha leaves. Karan stops Manav from talking to Aarti, as she won’t believe them. Manav says Aarti is not ill, she wants confidence, see she can question Ayesha. Karan asks whats the use, Aarti has shut herself in room as Ayesha told her. Aarti recalls Manav’s scolding and Ayesha’s lies. Karan says Aarti won’t come out without Ayesha’s saying. Aarti comes out of the room. Karan and Manav get glad seeing her.

Ayesha stops her car somewhere and states how can they give my hard earned money to somebody, and calls anyone. She recalls Laxmi laughing. She phone calls lawyer and will take suggestions about share transfer of Navrang. He states Manav will not be required, as all signatures are digital, he can signal and mail from everyone. She asks when did this happen. He states it took place right before your marriage. She says you necessarily mean transfer can’t transpire without having Manav’s signal. He asks any trouble. She says no, she usually requested, many thanks. She claims it means they could choose without any acceptance, now I need to make them think unique, and make them do what I want.

Karan says Aarti Di… Aarti claims I didn’t steal, I did not do anything at all, don’t contact law enforcement. Manav says not one person will simply call police, We all know you did not do that. Karan asks her to come back and forwards hand. Aarti holds his hand.

Aarti gets tensed and says you need to mail me to psychological clinic, Ayesha told me. Karan asks why does she not realize and shouts.

Written Update By Amena


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