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Dream Girl 28th October 2015 Written Update

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Ayesha asking Aarti to go from this house. She says she will come to her soon, but Aarti should not show her face to anyone. She scares Aarti. Aarti cries and says I want to be with you. Ayesha says no one can take you away, I will be with you. She looks stressed. Aarti asks did I give you tension. Ayesha says no, its something else, I need much money to take you away. She says money is in Sona’s room, she is very clever, she has the keys to the safe. Aarti says yes, Sona always asks me to have food. Ayesha says I need the key. Aarti says I can do this. Ayesha says its not so easy.

She says you have to be careful and tells her how to get keys. Ayesha says she will always be with Aarti and sings lullaby for her. She sees Sona busy and sends Aarti to the room. Aarti sees Sona with Samar and Laxmi. Aarti asks whats happening. Samar jokes that they are tying him. Aarti thinks its true. Sona says he is joking. Ayesha signs Aarti to take the keys. Aarti gets the keybunch and goes out.

Aarti says she got all the keys, as she did not know which one is safe keys. Aarti says we will steal from Manav’s room. Ayesha asks Aarti to go and get money from safe. Aarti asks her to come. Ayesha asks her to go alone and pushes her inside the room. Ayesha stands outside and guides Aarti. Aarti shows the safe and Ayesha signs her to take money. Aarti takes money. Manav comes there and Aarti gets tensed.

Manav asks what are you doing here and whats this. Ayesha runs from there. Aarti says she was playing with Mithi’s toys and runs. She comes to Ayesha’s room and tells Ayesha that Manav has seen her, now he will catch them, she is scared. Ayesha says its fine, I m here, calm down. Aarti gives money. Ayesha asks whats this paper, hide the money. Ayesha reads the paper and gets shocked seeing stake of Navrang on Laxmi’s name. Prem calls Sona and says you left in hurry, locker keys are with you, fine I will find here. He asks servant to find keys.

He comes to Manav and asks for keys, Sona stated she doesn’t have keys. Manav appears to be for keys. Aarti asks when will we do, shall I pack my things. Ayesha states Certainly, we will go. Aarti says We’ll go really much in sometime. Manav sees the cupboard open up, and checks. Prem and Manav get stunned looking at the Protected open up.

Prem claims someone has stolen the cash, I will get in touch with law enforcement. Manav remembers Aarti and says end dad, I know that has done this, have me. Prem asks why did he come to Ayesha’s room. Manav checks there and states there is nothing, but why did Aarti make this happen.

Manav and Prem Test Aarti’s bag and uncover keys and hard cash. Manav asks Aarti who asked you to do this. Ayesha comes and asks whats taking place listed here.

Written Update By Amena


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