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Dream Girl 25th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manava telling Ayesha that there is no relation between them. Karan meets Laxmi at navrang and she says she is glad seeing his cabin. He says he can take his decisions himself and offers the movie to her. He says he wants to show her true face to the world, that she is innocent and nice, he wants to clear her image. She asks did he hear her and Samar yesterday.He says no, I just see you During this heroine character, I’ll shut this venture in the event you refuse. She suggests you are a very good Mate, You mostly reliable me, I misplaced, you still have confidence in me. He suggests don’t say a word about my movie’s heroine, as she under no circumstances loses. He reminds her phrases.

She says this is a favor, she didn’t reciprocate his enjoy. He says What exactly, I liked you. Samar occur there and asks what took place. Laxmi says Karan needs me to complete his upcoming movie. Samar hugs Karan and suggests thanks, you proved me Erroneous, you did what I couldn’t do for Laxmi. Ayesha says there is not any 1 in the home at this moment and drags the trunk out. She suggests she forgot the vehicle keys and goes to find out. Samar, Karan and Laxmi occur household and they are glad to get started on rehearsals. Samar claims Karan has composed Shakti’s script too, We are going to rehearse right here, as Manav has taken spouse and children for outing. Karan narrates the scene. Ayesha sees them and stops. She gets apprehensive. Samar says he will get some juices.

Karan and Samar drag the truth. Ayesha silently adds some tablets during the juices. Samar sits over the trunk. Laxmi commences the rehearsals. Karan drinks the juice. Laxmi keeps the glass. Samar compliments her. Laxmi jokes. They have a break and drink juices. Samar, Laxmi and Karan get dizzy. They Hop over the trunk and Ayesha can’t see it any more.

Laxmi goes inside the lawn and dances. Karan stops her. Laxmi suggests she has to convey something, and laughs. She asks why does he do a great deal for her constantly. Samar stops Ayesha and sits about the trunk. She asks him to have up. He refuses and says This is certainly our scene residence. She says its mine, depart it. He will get adamant. Karan claims he has saved Laxmi. Laxmi asks why does he constantly save her. Karan suggests you’re a wonderful Woman, you’re my excellent Mate. She suggests you are lying, I need to listen to the truth, you’re keen on me right. He states I really like you, but as a friend. She says I love Samar, but I have found a nice Woman to suit your needs. He suggests I don’t want. She claims a nice Lady will hold you joyful, great. He says no.

Samar asks whats Within this. Ayesha says its my outdated possessions. She asks him to state whats his belongings if its his. Samar says give me keys if its yours. She says I don’t have. He will take the keys from her purse and opens the trunk. He unlocks the trunk and opens it. Samar and Ayesha get stunned.

Laxmi says Samar if you feel nanything else about me, its fine. Samar says many things changed with time. Karan suggests Manav to get Samar and Laxmi engaged. Ayesha locks the room and says let this be a secret.

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