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Dream Girl 22nd December 2015 Written Update

Dream Girl watch online

The Episode starts with Ayesha shopping clothes. She sees Aarti and Raghu reaching that street and entering a jewelry shop. She rushes to see them. Raghu takes Aarti to jeweler shop and says Ayesha ji choose anything you like. She says I don’t want anything. He says but I want to gift you something. He asks the man to show the best sets. Ayesha leaves from sarees shop and goes to the jewelry store. She hides her face and looks at them. Aarti says everything is good, but I really don’t need anything. He reminds he is still her boss, 7th day did not get over. She says its really not needed. Raghu asks Kaka to say something. Kaka asks Aarti to accept it,. its her right to take it as she did lot for Raghu. Aarti says his happiness is enough for me.

Raghu insists and asks her to sit. Ayesha sits at some distance. She thinks whats happening, I have to find out. Raghu makes Aarti try a necklace. Aarti smiles. Ayesha looks on. Raghu tries other necklaces on Aarti. He says beautiful. Ayesha thinks whatever Aarti chooses, gifts will come to Ayesha. She moves and glass falls down. They turn to see. Aarti sees her and recognizes Ayesha by her watch and purse. She thinks Ayesha here…. And gets tensed. Raghu goes to Ayesha. Ayesha hides her face and turns. Raghu asks are you…. Ayesha runs out of the store and leaves in her car.

Aarti asks is everything fine Raghu ji. Kaka asks Raghu what happened. Raghu says I felt I saw someone like Ayesha. Aarti says it happens, come. Raghu buys jewelry and they leave. They drop Aarti home. Raghu says we reached so soon, and asks Aarti to wait, he will open the door for her.

Aarti thanks him. He says he likes to spend time with her. They have a talk. He says he will come to office tomorrow to sign documents, whatever he has will be theirs now, she is not his servant now, he will come whenever she says. She walks inside the house. She sees him and they smile. He leaves.

Karan checks for everything to be ready on set. Richa comes to him. He asks did she decide to come. She says yes, I have come to become something, see how I prove myself. He smiles. She says I was angry on your words, then I recalled that story by my mum, about the ant who never fails and climbs up the wall, I decided I will not lose. He says it means you use mind sometimes. She says I used your mind, thanks and hugs him. He recalls Laxmi. He says I have some imp work, all the best and leaves.

Aarti and Raghu think of each other and smile. Zara zara sa……………plays…………. They smile thinking each other and are in love. Raghu talks to Kaka and is glad to get his love Ayesha.

Ayesha scolds Aarti and asks her to be in the room and not show her face till she marries Raghu. Aarti is shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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