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Dream Girl 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Dream Girl watch online

The Episode starts with Aarti thinking she will take revenge from Ayesha. Nurse asks her to pay bill and then she can go home. Aarti thanks her and reads about Ayesha doing movie by Aarti’s name. She says Ayesha you think you won, you snatched everything from Aarti, she is dead, and now Shikha Kumar will snatch everything from you, your stardom, position and your relations.

Aarti/Shikha gets her portfolio made. Karan tells Manav that Aarti learnt so well in so less time, she picked up really well. They see her pics. The man says Aarti really looks like Ayesha. Manav messages Shikha and asks how is it going. She replies its all going on well. Ayesha and Raghu come. Manav says I was seeing Aarti’s shoot, she really looks like Ayesha. Ayesha thinks I have to be careful and says I m practicing a lot. Raghu says I think there should be special song to hype the film, it will be easy to promote. Karan and Manav agree to keep item song. Raghu says don’t worry about budget, I want Aarti to become star. Ayesha says not Aarti, Ayesha, I will be Ayesha for everyone. Raghu says no, we will publicly announce that we are launching Ayesha’s sister Aarti. Manav says Karan get the fresh face for this item song, the industry should get mad after her.

Ayesha says I got everything as Aarti, love and money, I will get stardom by this film, how does someone stay as bahenji. She sees Raghu coming and acts. He hugs her and asks were you crying. She says no. He asks her not to try to lie. She hugs him and says its tears of happiness, when I see dreams in your eyes, I feel happy. He asks her to make tea. She says I will get it. he goes.

Aarti sees her portfolio pics and smiles. She says Shikha, film industry is waiting for you, ready to go. She gets message and checks. Raghu gets Shikha’s pics ad says why is this girl sending me pics. He shows it to Ayesha. Ayesha thinks she has seen this girl somewhere.

Ayesha asks who is she, she is smart to send pics to financer, she is not bad. Karan greets him and says good news, its film’s next schedule date has come. He likes the pics and calls Manav to show. He says you got the face you wanted, beautiful. Manav checks pics and says she is nice, call her, we will take her audition.

Aarti gets message that snaps got approved and its time for action. Karan calls her and says I m Karan from navrang studios, can you come now for auditions, I know its late, we liked the pics. She says fine, I will come. She says I will meet all of them today after such a long time, I should not fall weak, life is taking me to that point from where all the fight started, Lord protect me.

Aarti goes to Navrang. She looks around and gets emotional. She sees Manav, Karan and Raghu. Manav says Shikha, we saw your pics, its really good, I m Manav Sareen. She says I m Shikha Kumar. He says we need someone for item song, but we need perfect dancer. She says I love to dance. He says we will keep an audition. He asks Karan to show her makeup room and says good luck. She passes by and Raghu stops her. He asks how did you get my email address. She says its not that tough, you don’t know you are big personality, I thought to mail my pics to you. He says fine, all the best. She thanks him. Manav says come.

Aarti gives the dance audition. Raghu, Karan and Manav look on. They clap for her and approve her. Ayesha comes and meets her. Ayesha looks at her. Aarti recalls how Ayesha pushed her, and her face got burnt. She holds her face and gets teary eyed. Ayesha asks who are you, we met before. Aarti says I don’t think so, I m Shikha. Ayesha shakes hands and asks are you sure we did not meet before. Shikha says I m sure. Manav says Aarti and comes to them. Aarti answers him yes, and Ayesha looks on shocked.

Raghu asks Ayesha why did you call Shikha as Aarti. Ayesha says no, Manav called me Aarti and that girl also replied. Aarti prays to Lord to help her always.

Written Update By Amena


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