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Dream Girl 1st October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Ayesha giving food to that someone. That person throws the food. Ayesha serves food again and sings lullaby. She says Usha aunty used to make such food. The person holds her hand. Ayesha says leave my hand, I will open the door. She asks her why don’t she eat food. Someone rings bell. The broker brings the pest control men. Ayesha asks them to leave, as the house is taken by rent. They hear a sound and the man says I will see. Ayesha says she has a cat, and asks him to leave.

Ayesha locks the door and says its enough now, I can’t bear to manage everything, I need a caretaker for her. She calls someone to arrange a caretaker. Laxmi feels bad that she misbehaved with Karan. She says Karan is hurting himself, I feel so small and selfish. Karan coems there to do some arrangements and gets hurt. She cares for him and asks why does he always say he does not feel pain. He says every pain gets off infront of her happiness and asks her to take rest, as tomorrow is her engagement.

Its morning, Sona talks to Samar. Karan manages all arrangements. Sona gets glad and says you will also get a beautiful girl. Manav asks servant about Ayesha. The servant says she went out in morning.

Ayesha calls Manav and asks is he missing her, she knows about engagement, people don’t like her there, even if she comes, they will not believe she is doing right, so she came to spa. She asks him did she do right, the truth is she cares for the family, Sona dislikes her as her fav second bahu is coming. Manav says it means you are not coming. She says I know you are not worried about me, but press and media, don’t worry, I will come.

She taunts him and ends get in touch with. She says her existence has become unwell, she can’t depart that person and go. Samar calls another person and goes. Ayesha asks for caretaker and arranges a fulfill to hire her.

Laxmi thinks whats happening to her and claims she loves just Raj/Samar, no one else. She claims it absolutely was only a dream, and desires don’t get real, its just her anxiety, but why Is that this taking place. Sona calls Laxmi and talks to her. She suggests your and Samar’s engagement dresses have occur, just come and check out it. Laxmi thinks why is she not happy, why is she concerned for Karan. Sona asks Samar and her to obtain costume demo, and tells her to connect with her mummy. Laxmi finishes contact.

Karan manages things and Sona asks Prem to help her in deciding jewelry. Prem asks Manav is Ayesha coming. Manav says leave it. Samar comes and Sona asks Samar about the jewelry. Samar says its nice, I have work and goes. Sona says just Karan and I are working, and asks Karan about it. Karan says yes, I can tell this, I m director. He decides the jewelry. Laxmi comes and Sona says Karan has chosen this for her.

Laxmi says we shall ask Raj once. Sona asks Raj? Manav says our Samar, Raj Samosewala. Manav asks Samar to come. Samar says I m on phone. Karan goes to talk to sweetmaker. Sona asks Laxmi to try the dresses. Samar says everything suits Laxmi, you all see. Laxmi hears Karan and feels attached to him. Manav and Prem think to talk about Karan’s marriage.

Laxmi is tensed and stops someone. She says I feel I m cheating Karan, he has done many favors on me, stop this engagement.

Written Update By Sahir


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