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Dream Girl 17th November 2015 Written Update

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Ayesha meeting Raghu. She gives him a bouquet and tries impressing him. Aditya gets ready to help Navrang. He says he has a script ready and its perfect for this time. Aarti and Karan thank him. Aditya says I have a condition, that Ayesha has to do this film. Aarti thinks. Ayesha thinks Navrang is sinking, Raghu and this place are my future. A man introduces his niece and Raghu gets shocked. Ayesha takes the mic and talks to the guests. She says I know everyone loves me, tonight Raghu is the talk of the town.

The manager says I felt you knew it Raghu, she is a filmstar. Raghu asks for guestlist. Ayesha thanks them for inviting her in her way. She sings Kaise pehli zindagani……..Raghu drinks. Ayesha smiles seeing him. People take selfies with Ayesha. Raghu walks away. Ayesha goes to him and tries using his charm. She asks how did he like her performance. He says I heard you are a filmstar. She laughs and says I heard the same. He asks how did she come here. She asks what. He says I mean I make guest list myself, when I don’t know you, I won’t invite you.

She says I just know I got invitation, so I m here, you feel Ayesha Sareen will go in any party uninvited, I decide whose party I attend, people die to make me part of their party. He says fine, but I did not invite you. She says its embarrassing, does he ask people after inviting them. He says I did not invite you. She says my husband died recently, I was in depression, I did not talk to anyone, I had few journalists friends, maybe they had got this invitation for me to cheer me up,

He asks her to come and gives his hand. She smiles and retains his hand. He delivers her outside and holds her hand to drag her infront of everyone. Ayesha asks him to halt it. The guests glance on. Raghu requires Ayesha in direction of entrance and asks her title. He asks guards to examine her invitation. He exhibits the cardboard and asks did she get this. She says that you are insulting me performing this, this is card. He says its faux. The friends gossip that Ayesha came without having invitation.

Ayesha asks what, how. He reveals the true card and paper get the job done. He asks safety to show her exit way. She asks how dare you. He says how dare you arrive listed here with phony card, you are from bogus filmi planet, you came below with an unsightly experience and fake attractiveness, get out at the moment. He tears the cardboard and throws it. She receives angered.

Karan provides coffee to Aarti. Aarti says Sona and Prem can be glad understanding you persuaded Aditya. Karan says you convinced him. She states Navrang will probably be back again on top, Ayesha is with us. He states Ayesha will likely not operate for us. She tells a Tale about a king meeting sadhu, king questioned his upcoming, sadhu wrote a note and requested him to examine in any rough time, when king Rajya was attacked, he checked the Observe, it had been composed this time will move far too, its reported that very good and bad time pass on. Karan smiles and claims yes. Ayesha is on how and recollects Raghu’s terms. She hits the car and will come out. She burns the car in anger.

Karan tells Aarti about Raghu kicking out Ayesha from his party. Aarti says she wants to talk to Ayesha. Ayesha refuses to talk. Aarti reminds how she was kicked out from party.

Written Update By Amena


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