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Dream Girl 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Dream Girl watch online

The Episode starts with Aarti falling over the hot engine. Ayesha screams seeing her burnt face. Aarti faints. Ayesha panics and shouts for help. She thinks to inform Raghu and calls him. Raghu asks her where is Aarti. She stammers and he thinks she is Aarti. He asks where are you Aarti. Ayesha talks like Aarti and says I m with Ayesha, come fast near khandala ghat. Raghu says I m coming, wait there. He leaves from home.

Ayesha takes Aarti’s dupatta and thinks I will become Aarti to get Raghu. Karan, Manav and Sona come to the hospital, where there is media talking to police. Inspector says our investigation is going on. Ayesha dressed as Aarti hugs Raghu and says I can’t see Ayesha like this. Sona hugs her and says its Ayesha who fell in her own trap. Doctor says Ayesha is unconscious, she is critical, we are treating her. They all worry. Inspector comes and says Aarti ji, we want to take your statement. Ayesha tells wrong statement. Manav says Raghu’s fear was true, Ayesha wanted to hurt Aarti. Sona says I can’t believe this, Ayesha did this with her own sister.

Ayesha acts and asks doctor to treat Ayesha well. Doctor says we are trying our best. Ayesha asks inspector to arrest her, this happened to Ayesha because of me. Manav says Aarti, this is not your mistake. Raghu says Ayesha manipulated Aarti and she is responsible for all this. Ayesha thinks they all hate Ayesha, I did not know I will get love becoming Aarti. Manav gives statement to police.

Karan says its your marriage today Di, go home. Ayesha says I won’t go, what are you saying. Raghu says Ayesha is paying for her deeds, why should we delay our marriage. Karan says yes, you please go. Ayesha says no, I can’t leave my sister like this. Manav says Ayesha is responsible for all this, you should marry today, go with Raghu. She says let me see Ayesha once, then I will go, please. Ayesha goes to see Aarti and screams seeing her.

Ayesha says you are responsible for all this, its your greed, I did not wish this to happen, I told you that Raghu loves Ayesha, he loves this face and you did not listen to me, I have to go, its my marriage, you take care, I will come soon to see you, so sorry. Aarti holds her hand and stares at her. Ayesha gets shocked and falls down. She comes out and calms down. Raghu comes and asks what happened. He says I told you not to go there and hugs her.

Media asks Manav why did they hide Aarti till now, why did Ayesha do this with her sister. Raghu says Aarti is scared, let us go. Media protests against Ayesha. Aarti wakes up and goes to see her face. She screams and faints.

Ayesha goes in the mandap and smiles seeing Raghu. Doctors treat Aarti. Ayesha and Raghu exchange garlands. Raghu and Ayesha do the marriage rituals. Aarti’s pulse gets down. Raghu makes Ayesha wear the mangalsutra. Doctors try saving Aarti. Raghu fills sindoor in Ayesha’s maang. Ayesha smiles.

Aarti says I m fine, I have to go home. Nurse says we can’t let you go, till doctor approves. Ayesha comes there in bridal dress with Raghu.

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