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Dream Girl 13th October 2015 Written Update

Dream Girl watch online

Karan telling about his happiness for Laxmi and Samar. Aarti hears him and turns to see her brother Karan. Karan asks for music and says he wants to dance today. He dances on Ek thi kaanj ki gudiya…………. Karan makes Samar and Laxmi dance. Samar sits on his knees and makes Laxmi wear the ring. Laxmi makes him wear the ring. They get engaged and dance with Karan. Aarti smiles seeing Karan. Karan gets sad and goes away. Karan sees Samar and Laxmi and cries. Aarti goes to him. Ayesha comes there and looks for Aarti. She gets shocked seeing Aarti with Karan.

Karan asks what is she doing here, how did she get wounded. Aarti hugs him and says Bhai…. Karan asks is she doing any acting again. Aarti says no. Karan leaves. Ayesha takes Aarti and leaves hiding. Ayesha takes her to room and asks what happened there. Aarti says she liked everyone, she wants to go out and be with them. Ayesha scolds her. Aarti says I have seen Karan, he called me Di, why did he not identify me, does he think I m Ayesha. She says he was very young, he would not remember me, but if I make him recall, he will remember and get very happy knowing he has two sisters. Ayesha says keep quiet, Karan does not know he has any other sister, I never told him. Aarti asks why did she do this, he would be happy. Ayesha asks her to recall what she used to do when she was small, she used to hate Karan, she has hurt him always. Aarti says this can’t happen, why will I hate him. Ayesha says you were mad, you used to burn his things and clap laughing, everyone felt you have gone mad, you could not bear Karan, you felt everyone gives attention to Karan, you would have killed him. Aarti cries and rests in Ayesha’s lap. She says she does not want to go to mental hospital as Ayesha scares her. Ayesha says its just me for you, no one understands you, no one will take you, you beat me, but don’t I love you, did I beat you.

She asks Aarti to do as she says and not meet anyone. Aarti cries and says she wants food, no one loves her. Ayesha sings the lullaby and asks her to sit in room, she will go outside and see, if everything is fine, she will take her to their home. Manav talks to the guests. Ayesha looks outside. Everyone clap for Laxmi and Samar. Ayesha takes Aarti outside. Manav says iu want to share few things, Samar and Laxmi are actually my film’s hero and heroine, then they have become real life couple, now its time to relaunch them, you all are invited tomorrow in their film’s mahurat. Ayesha gets shocked hearing this. Manav says we are adding one more happiness, when film completes, we will get them married. Ayesha leaves with Aarti.

Manav asks everyone to have fun. He hugs Samar. Laxmi hugs Bua and they all get happy. Laxmi hugs Prem and smiles. The guests leave. Manav asks where is Ayesha, she did not leave a chance to insult us, I want to talk to her, I will ask her why she did this. Samar says leave it. Manav says Ayesha wanted me to act infront of media, see her dressing today. Karan says she behaved like me as if she met me after 100 years, she hugged me and called Bhaiya, her acting was very natural this time.

Manav says its all her system, she would have imagined to perform all this items, so that I request her to go away. Samar says no, she is picture aware, why will she make this happen, it’s possible she has major reason. Manav leaves. Ayesha provides aarti home and asks her to generally be here. Aarti states I don’t like this household, I really need to go. Ayesha suggests I stated you effectively and asks her to not go out. Aarti states the caretaker would not speak to her. Ayesha claims I instructed her to go away, she gained’t occur now. She provides sleeping products while in the milk. She scolds Aarti and asks her to drink milk, then she can have chocolate. Aarti drinks the milk. Ayesha talks to some plastic surgeon when Aarti sleeps. She asks can’t the operation be prepone. She concerns to manage Ayesha until subsequent 7 days.

Samar follows Ayesha. Karan tells Laxmi that Samar is pursuing Ayesha, he reported he will inform when items get crystal clear. Samar sees Ayesha visiting the flat.

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