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Dream Girl 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Dream Girl watch online

The Episode starts with Ayesha saying if this man trusts me, I don’t need to do anything. Rakesh fumes and says once I get Simran, I will not leave her. He calls Ayesha. She says I know you will call me back, I m saying truth. He says yes, its Simran, send me her address, I will shoot her. She says no, don’t hurry in doing so, she played a game against you, and tells her plan. He asks why are you after her, do you want money. She says no, I have everything, this girl created problem for me, I want her away. He says don’t worry, once I reach there, I will see her. He takes his gun from drawer. She smiles.

Its morning, Manav and Karan check for final rehearsals. Ayesha says today Aarti/Shikha will know what can Ayesha do, I will win in this game. Shikha comes and Ayesha greets her acting sweet. She asks her to do well and wishes her all the best. Shikha gets tensed. Raghu asks all okay, don’t worry, I m here.

Ayesha looks on as Manav and Karan check setup. Rakesh comes there and takes his gun. Manav asks Ayesha to wait, first they will see Shikha’s rehearsals. Ayesha says fine, and waits for Rakesh. Rakesh comes as media person and tells guard that we have to come to take interview. He messages Ayesha. Ayesha gets the message and replies that she will do something. Karan comes there. Guard asks Karan about Rakesh. Karan asks them to wait, till then he will ask Manav, I will get back to you. Rakesh says thanks.

Manav tells Karan that I don’t like journalists, if anything leaks, its not good for the film. Ayesha says I called them, they were calling since many days, its good channel, I think coverage would be good. Manav says I don’t need them. Ayesha says I will ask them not to disturb out shoot and wait. Manav says fine, call them. Guard allows Rakesh to go. Rakesh enters navrang and sees Shikha. Ayesha sees Rakesh. Shikha’s rehearsals go on. Ayesha thinks I did not had to do anything and my work got over. Rakesh stares at Shikha and fumes.

Manav says we will take a break now. Ayesha messages Rakesh not to meet Shikha now, first take my interview and lastly Shikha, else everyone will doubt. Rakesh asks Manav for interview. Manav says we don’t have time right now. Rakesh says can we take your actors interview. Manav says fine, just make it quick. Rakesh meets Ayesha and asks for her interview. Ayesha asks Manav shall I give interview. Manav says fine.

Shikha comes to her vanity with Raghu. She says I don’t feel right, like something bad is going to happen. Raghu asks her to relax, time will not separate us now, I promise nothing will happen. They hug. Shikha thinks how to explain a woman’s sixth sense is never wrong. Ayesha tells Rakesh that my husband Raghu is always with Shikha, she tries to stick to him always, be careful. He says she is so clever, I will not leave her, manage Raghu, I will see her. She says yes, I hate Shikha as you hate her, it does not mean we do anything in hurry, we have to wait for right time. Karan comes and asks what right time.

She says Rakesh is taking my interview, he wants to do photo shoot with me. Karan says that’s awesome, I hope Manav has any problem with it, come soon for rehearsals. She says fine, I will leave now. Rakesh says sure, her interview is over, where is Shikha. Karan says her vanity is outside, come. Rakesh sees Raghu coming out of Shikha’s vanity and says I m from city news, Aarti called us and Manav gave us permission. Raghu checks his id and asks him to go ahead. Rakesh sees Raghu standing outside, and messages Ayesha, to call Raghu, else there would be problem. Shikha gets shocked seeing Rakesh and the men.

She asks did anyone send you here. Rakesh gets angry and Raghu comes in the can. Rakesh says we have come to take your interview. Shikha says if you don’t mind.. Raghu says its okay. Shikha says I don’t find this right. Raghu says I m here, and sits there asking Rakesh to take interview. Rakesh asks Shikha to sit and signs the man to fix camera. Ayesha is busy in rehearsals and forgets steps. Manav asks whats the problem Aarti, don’t cry now. Karan says I will talk to her.

Ayesha tells Karan that Raghu is with Shikha, I feel bad, I m unable to concentrate. Rakesh does not let Raghu sit and says we have to setup camera here. He says we want light for shooting, can’t you go out. Raghu says no, I m here, you can go if you don’t want to. Rakesh says we have to do shooting. Raghu says do you know who I m. Shikha says I will give interview later, can you wait outside. Rakesh gets down the vanity. Manav asks Ayesha not to get her personal problems on set and goes to talk to Raghu. Ayesha says spend time Shikha, you are going to be away from Raghu.

Rakesh asks Shikha about her background in mock interview. He hits on her head to kidnap her. Shikha screams.

Written Update By Amena


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