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Doli Armaanon Ki 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:

Location: Akash kumar’s residence

ishaani continues ogling at akash kumar, while he gets his fitting done, for his next red carpet appearance. he asks for ishaani’s opinion, and when she commends it profusely, he fixes it as final. For the next dress trial, ishaani herself makes him wear it, and they both feel the electric sprak, while he is amused, as she blushes. she then retreats aftre having done the trials. He says that he is done for the day and is about to leave, when he comes to ishaani, and then untangles her hair free and loose from the clutcher in her hair, and says that he likes it like this, referring to her as Ishi. she is in a romantic dream world, that she imagines for herself and akash.

Scene 2:

Location: Urmi’s residence

Diya says that damini is right as she has a social circle, and that after the case is over, she can fend for hsrelf now. urmi refuses saying that anirudh is right, as she cant be left alone in a situation like this. Just then, ishaani comes bacl extremely happy. shaurya picks on it and asks her whats the matter. She asks him to call a better nick name, like Ishi. he understands that akash kumar’s blind love is getting on ishaani, and she blushes and goes inside. A person called Sumit Prajapati comes with his family, while all are tensed as they dont know him. He introduces himself, while anirudh says that he didnt recognise them. he says that he has come here to accept diya’s hand in marriage, as he wants to marry her. they are all shocked, while diya is boggled herself. Shaurya says that they dont know him, and why this request all of a sudden. urmi stops and then asks them herself. Sumit’s father introduces themselves, and then they are seated. sumit says that he wants to explain. he says that diya isnt a stranger, and he has been following her case closely, and he has been vastly impressed by her confidence and determination. Anirudh says that they look good and genuine, and they felt nice with the simplicity of the offer, and that the fact is they dont know about them much, and cant decide on marriage in a second. urmi says that diya is the daughter of this house. sumit’s father says that he understands the severity of the situation, and then asks them to enquire to their satisfaction about them, their family and their background and only then come to a decision. the mother says that they need diya asap, as sumit has selected a person with much difficulty. He gives anirudh his business card, saying that they shall wait for their response, after they confirm everything about him and the family. damini eyes them curtly.

within the roof, shaurya finds diya dropped in views, and relates to her. He asks whats she thinking, if this kind of stranger can occur and request marriage. she complies, declaring that she feels Odd. he claims that its ideal, and she will refuse if she wantss to, as it isnt a compromise or helplessness that she must, as her joy is paramount, and therefore she normally try this which makes her delighted. she suggests that the most important pain in life, isn’t heartbreak, but breaking of have confidence in, and considering that thats accomplished once, she doesnt choose to get hasty decisions similar to this, and after that finds him missing. She then asks him that she will be able to see a thing in his eyes. he is shocked, no matter whether she sees emotions for her in his eyes. she asks if he includes a desire. He’s boggled. she exhibits him that his one of many hairs of the eyelashes has arrive out, and he shall be granted a desire for that. he is relieved and asks if she believes in these items. she attracts it out on the eyelid, after which offers it to him, even though he usually takes within a stance, while she instructs him what to do following. he stares at her, though she excitedly tells him how to proceed. he suggests that he shall get it done only for her, after which would make a desire. She asks him what he wished for. he addresses her as diya, and she is shocked. then he composes himself, declaring this is immature. She suggests that she hopes his want comes legitimate. He eyes her lovingly, though she smiels, and goes inside. He smiles to himself, questioning if irrespective of whether He’s in enjoy.

Later on, during the night time, ishaani is torn amongst whether to deliver a message or not, then decides towards it. But just then, she receives his messagem, wishing her goodnight, calling her nickname. She is overjoyed and goes into a desire sequence with akash kumar.

The following morning, all settle down for breakfast. anirudh suggests that he enquired with regards to the prajapatis and after that uncovered every little thing clean and that they are a good and respectable loved ones. sandhya and urmi are joyful. They can be all tensed, as out of the blue damini’s voice calling out to diya, alarms them all. before Anyone, damini apologises to diya for obtaining mentioned whatver she did the night time earlier. They are really boggled and continue to unconvinced, when diya is tensed. shaurya is shocked at this sudden adjust. Diya asks her not to mention All of this, even though damini is totally apologetic about what she said, and suggests that she doesnt determine what came over her. Diya suggests that its okay as she is elder. damini claims that age dont make a person senior, but with the Strategies, identical to hers and her coronary heart. and many thanks diya for forgiving her. She has tears in her eyes, as she then addresses urmi and anirudh and apologises to them too. urmi says that seniors seem good nto apologising but blessing the juniors. Damini caresses diya and suggests that diya much too is like ishaani for her, as the house, this family as well as the relations are hers way too. Alok claims that she acquired the permanent visa to stay listed here Any longer. damini excitedly says that she must be very clear if she hopes to marty this suitor or not, as noe her badi maa, shall see to it, that she goes with A great deal pomp. She suggests that if she doesnt like it, then she need to stay below, with them, as she belongs to them now, and may remain assuming that she wants. Damini goes inside, whilst diya will get emotionally overwhelmed.

Scene 3:

Site: Akash’s home

Hurriedly ishaani reviews to her position late, and akash’s designer provides her a thrashing this isnt her college project that she will manage to generally be relaxed and frivolous. he then asks simran to generally be well mannered, as she will have to have already been trapped in visitors. ishaani suggests that she claimed late, due to the fact she couldnt slumber the whole night time, not as a consequence of targeted visitors. he interrupts the designer commenting that she is so cute after which asks her why she obtained so late. he addresses her as ishi, whilst she fumbles to mention something. Just then, a married girl hollers out to Akash Kumar, and all check out her surprised. the display freezes on ishaani’s tensed facial area.

Precap: damini tells diya evilly that anirudh and urmi wont Enable her go anyplace and she herself wont be ready to go away the home, consequently she has other designs now. She asks diya to get ready to pack her bags and depart. damini threatens and claims that if diya doesnt act Based on her, then she would damage her important urmi and shaurya sir so terribly, that she can even scarcely start off to assume. she says that she has no idea to what degree she will stoop down, and asks diya tauntingly if she remembers the rape. Diya is distraught.

Written Update By Sahir


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