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Doli Armaanon Ki 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya is available in Shaurya’s cabin and transfers halwa from box to a lunch box and hides the box. Shaurya is available in and receives shocked observing her. She presents him halwa declaring her mum designed for him. She asks him to flavor and states she had to go thus far to purchase carrots. Shaurya likes it. He sees the box, but stays peaceful. Diya then reminds him that her reward for covering among the situations remains pending. He asks what he can perform for you. Diya, with slight hesitation, asks him to Permit her deal with the strike and operate situation. He suggests Rakesh, other reporter, is dealing with it and that’s last. When leaving, he tells her to choose her box way too that she hid. Cheeku will get shocked Diya. He asks she resigned suitable? What she’s undertaking there then? She says, so? which was yesterday. Today she joined again.

NGO group is watching for Urmi as cops are not Hearing them about handing in excess of s** personnel to them. Ishaani comes there as a substitute Urmi and tells the cops that they are registered NGO team and they have proper to involve in these scenarios. The cop says they raided below and 1st they’ll get all of them to law enforcement station. Ishaani shows permission from commissioner and then lastly cops Allow NGO team deal with the case. Ishaani asks NGO ladies when they need to have any aid, but they say no. Ishaani leaves. Soon after Urmi will come there. NGO ladies notify her Ishaani arrived and solved every thing. Urmi receives remarkably satisfied. NGO ladies say she’s like Urmi’s shadow. They just take all women for their place and simply call their family to get them. The ones that don’t have any kin or don’t care, Urmi tells NGO workers to send out to girl rehabbing Middle. One lady asks Urmi to inform her what they’re going to do together with her in addition. Urmi asks her if any family. The lady states she has no-one, and she or he acquired this job from her mother. She’s born To do that only, so she far better go away her by itself. Urmi asks she ought to know some kinfolk. The lady claims all she knows that her mother was from Jhansi and reveals her Picture. Urmi will get stunned observing Gaurav’s to start with spouse, Rashmi’s, photo.

Afterwards, she fulfills Gaurav and hesitantly demonstrates the Photograph to him which shocks him in addition.

Diya remains not offering as much as Permit the situation go. She tells Shaurya that driver is not responsive to the incident. They’re just trapping him in that. Their servant understands and that is why they are not letting her choose his job interview. Shaurya asks how she knows? Was she sitting in vehicle that day at the same time? Diya claims it’s not humorous. Now they made an effort to threaten her. Shaurya asks the amount she’ll lie in sooner or later. Diya says she’s not lying, but he doesn’t consider her. Rakesh comes and gives the situation file to Shaurya declaring the driver is liable only. Diya can’t feel. She asks if he took servant’s job interview. Rakesh states Of course. Shaurya stares at Diya and gives the situation file to Cheeku to print it in tomorrow’s edition. Diya still can’t digest this and decides to locate the precise truth mainly because it’s about their newspaper name.

She calls her Mate to get Rakesh’s phone calls logs, but she doesn’t pick up. She decides to fulfill her Individually. Her bike doesn’t get started. Shaurya sees and asks what challenge arrived in her life now. She states she should go go over some story. Shaurya says he’s gonna identical side and claims he’ll fall her. They are going in motor vehicle and an individual stops his bicycle in front of their car or truck. He eliminates helmet and stares at them.

Precap: Ishaani tells her household that she acquired selected for Paris Trend Institute. Urmi congratulates her, but she receives all significant and turns her deal with absent.

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