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Doli Armaanon Ki 18th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Damini mutters that she wont but urmi shall go out of the house, and not just the house, bu the world, as whatever is happening is due to her, as due to her, her husband is at the verge of divorcing her. Out of vicious rage, Damini calls the goon and tells him that she wants to see urmi’s dead body in the house, within the next half an hour, today only, or she shal get him killed too. Ishaani, who has been hearing this, is shocked to see this side of damini. She throws the phone away. ishaani meanwhile thinks that urmi is in danger, and cant believe that damini can stoop so low. she decides to call urmi, addressing her as mother, and tries her number, but she doesnt pick up, busy in her work. she gets tensed for urmi. She then decides to go look for shaurya, but doesnt find him in the room. She hurriedly rushes out, and then finds diya and asks where’s he. She says that he went to the newspaper office. She says that she is leaving for the restaurant, and asks why does she look so tensed. She is about to spill, when damini calls her from a distance. but she ignores her and walks off. Damini is tensed wondering what happened to ishaani, as she storms out of the house in a hurry. Diya wonders what did ishaani want to tell her, but then went away so hurriedly. damini says that ishaani is like this only, and when she returns, they shall know whats the matter, as she would confide in her only, as her own mother is non existential for her. diya is tensed.

Later on, damini miracles impatiently, regarding why the mobile phone isnt coming, since it shouldnt acquire this much time, and whats wrong. Anirudh is available in and presents her the divorce papers, expressing that he has signed and now she ought to. he says that from this second forth, their partnership finishes as she requirements the signatures now. she will get psychological, stating that On this age, a few demands one another at this age, and he desires to divorce her, and insinuates if he hopes to marry all over again. he asks how could she be so disgusting, and wishes that he had noticed this facet of her prior to, and her evil intentions, and needs he experienced divorced her long again, or else he wouldnt have witnessed today. she asks if he wishes to divorce her now, as its much too late, as they’ve Children and grandkids far too finding married. He defiantly suggests Indeed. She asks how could he despise her so much rigthaway, that he wants to eliminate her right this moment. He claims Sure, incorporating that he cant bear her confront for another moment. she says that she wont divorce him or indication the papers, and also if he would like, she wont go away his existence. he suggests that she shall must go. she’s fearful. She claims that this is her house, and she or he wont go anyplace, and if he has a problem, he can leave, but she wont. he taunts her in compliment, declaring that she did last but not least clearly show him the real colors, as he was residing in a Bogus environment. she says that he last but not least noticed now, and after that asks him also to determine what he would like, to stay in this article or depart. He comes to her and asks if she basically thinks, he would stop outside of helplessness, and assk her to ignore this sort of thinking, as partitions crumble beneath Significantly force, and thats what happened for their connection. He suggests that he shall go away with his family members and kids, as then she can continue to be here alone, in this major palatial household. He leaves. She thinks that he is incredibly angry today, but sooner or later on, he would serene down, when urmi’s dead physique is available in the house, as then he would be away from urmi’s shade as well.

Scene 2:
Location: Awaz’s office
Shaurya is occupied engaged on the laptop, when chiku is available in asking for his gift. Shaurya waives it off. Chiku claims that he wishes his relationship gift. he teases him, although chiku claims that he desires his gift, as as a result of his beneficial imagining, shaurya received married to diya, or else he experienced gotten hope lengthy back. chiku says that he got married as a result of his convincing to god. shaurya is amused as he listens to chiku bantering about how only resulting from him, shaurya could get diya. he then teases shaurya in regards to the wedding ceremony evening, when shaurya receives enraged. he contineus to tease him, by getting an emotional drama queen. shaurya asks him to stop the drama. Chiku says that he’s emotional for diya, and asks how is she. Shaurya says that he’s satisfied, but tells regarding how diya feels this relationship is often a compromise on his part. Chiku will get tensed. shaurya says that had he told before marriage, she would have accepted but now she refuses to simply accept. chiku once again suggests that he can work as a saviour, as he bears a Stay witness to his romance. shaurya states that could be futile, as she wont comply now, and now he must show his like, by expression not byu phrases. chiku is impressed and boosts him to do so. he leaves. Shaurya is lost in his views about diya.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel

Urmi In the meantime arrives in the cafe, wherein all of her workforce congratulate her. she orders them to give a 40% doscount to all buyers these days. She will get the flowers that she experienced specifically gotten purchased. she takes them and presents them to ishaan’s pic, and states that currently is definitely the anniversary. she also tells him that shaurya is married, and it took place so fast, that she didnt get time to inform her, but she is aware where ever he is, He’s watching in excess of them, and has to be recognizing that diya is a superb girl, and hence on this occassion, she has named diya here. She suggests that shaurya is all right, but ishaani is very upset along with her, since they dont share the mom-daughter bond with each other, as ishaani only feels hatred and bitterness for her, and he or she waits impatiently for your day when she accepts her as her mother, and hugs her.

As urmi is catering to your attendees, from the vehicle, a shooter aims at them. She’s quickly overwhelemd as she hears ishaani’s voice addressing her as mother, and identifies it, as she hears ishaani contacting her mom for The 1st time, and thinks its certainly a really Fortunate working day today. urmi is emotionally overwhelmed to locate her daughter possessing come to satisfy her within the resort for The 1st time, as ishaani arrives anxious, asking if she is okay. urmi asks why is she so anxious. ishaani tells her that her life is at risk, and usually takes her inaside, Urmi is boggled and asks her to clarify, as to who poses a danger to her. ishaani stands worried, while urmi grills her. Meanwhile Diya arrives from the vehicle and too oblivious in the shooting, walks towards urmi. urmi is suddenly apalled as she looks from the way with the shooters. ishaani is anxious as well. Diya too turns close to, at the clicking of the revolver. She eyes the revolver aimed toward urmi and is also aghast. The screen freezes on urmi’s stunned facial area.

Precap: Urmi hurriedly throws ishaani absent outside of the road in the revolver’s goal. The pistol is fired. diya and urmi stand shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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