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Doli Armaanon Ki 16th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence

Shaurya and diya awkwardly facial area each other. He relates to her after which hesitates to convey something, and asks her to not get tension, as its mere rituals that are increasingly being performed from the household. he asks her to get it simple. she suggests that it mustnt have already been straightforward for him, as it was together with her forcibly, as she would’ve gotten married to sumit anyways, and predicament is identical for her, only change is the existence spouse. she asks him not to carry any load or guilt in his coronary heart. She than takes her pillow, and asks him to relaxation, as he needs to be weary. he then asks her to slumber over the mattress. she states that its his home and his bed, that’s why he go ahead and take mattress, even though she sleeps on the couch. he insists and asks her to pay attention to her at the time, requesting her. She silently complies to his want and then sits within the bed. he eyes her caringly, but she doesnt see his love and worry. She lies down. When she lies, he says that right now or tomorrow, he would make her realise that his relationship is by his wish, and that she isnt his helplessness but his appreciate.

On the breakfast table, the following early morning, urmi serves anirudh tea though he asks if diya and shaurya are ok. urmi complies. Shaurya comes down hesitantly. Alok asks shaurya if all is all right. he hurriedly complies. Urmi leaves to obtain espresso, even though shaurya asks wherever is diya. urmi asks if she wasnt within the area. Diya originates from outside the house, that she’s back again. urmi and shaurya ask where by had she gone so early in the morning. as all Obtain, diya comes along with papers and suggests that the way where the marriage happeneed yesterday, was incredibly unfortunate and there’s practically nothing that could have been finished. She claims that she cant change it but now she strategies to try and do some thing about this, and it has come up with an answer, to amend what they did Completely wrong, by the marriage with shaurya. They are really all boggled, but she shocks them by expressing, that she designs to no cost shaurya from this relation, guilt free, by supplying him divorce. diya reveals him the divorce papers, which she has by now signed, and its his change to perform the signatures, to no cost him from this unwanted relation. She claims that from her side, the wedding is around. Damini is stunned still glows in victory. Shaurya is distraught and asks if she has long gone mad, and if this is the joke to her, as they have got gotten married, and rituals ended up performed, and she or he is a married girl, and asks what she indicates. He asks if she will be able to reverse the rituals, and asks her not to make it a joke. she says that its certainly a joke, as he has compromised. he asks her to halt it, as its not, due to the fact he likes her. She states that it may need been, but his likeness, his really like and the Woman he wants is somebody else, and what he did is simply a favour on her, for which she shall be indebted to him all her life. He asks why would sshe do him a favour, as he enjoys her. this shocks All people like diya. DSiya refuses to believe expressing that its just his sacrifice, and not enjoy, and asks him to prevent lying. she asks him to narrate what sort of Lady he wished as he instructed asha and what he informed chiku in his inebriated ailment. she claims that he hates her a great deal he couldnt tolerate her for 24 hrs. he states that he wasnt in his senses. she says that this is variable emotion. She asks him to loathe if he does. He states that he enjoys her, and nsists her to believe, whilst she asks him to stop this, and just accept the papers. They are tensed even though he angrily can take the papers and tears it to parts, and throws them off during the air. All are shocked. Diya is stunned, as he plainly refuses to offer divorce or get in touch with off the marriage. Diya will get upset and ruehs upstairs towards the room. Alok then asks shaurya if he doesnt like diya, then why is he lying. Ishaani yet again asks urmi why she spoiled his existence, as before he got married, and now he has got to lie that he enjoys her far too. he stands up indicating that it isnt a lie, but its the reality. They may be tensed. anirudh concerns him and asks if its actually the truth. he accepts and suggests that he liked all together, but realised late but stopped on account of sumit. urmi consoles him. Alok suggests that if its so, then he must make diya realise his like. he says that he has reported, but not any longer, as now his love shall speak. he is determined.

Scene 2:
Place: Undisclosed Location
Damini afterwards pays some goons an advance to get rid of Urmi, indicating that she shall provide the remaining amount, following the get the job done as well as end off whoever comes in the best way.

Scene 3:
Locale: Urmi’s residence
Within the roof, damini comes to taunt diya, that her fate doesnt alter, as she doesnt know how to congratulate, for her everyday living currently being saved, or her marriage, as she did regulate to come back, In spite of all her initiatives to bundle her away from your home. Diya states that she did just what exactly she required her to carry out. damini claims that urmi infact thawed her strategy, and afterwards bought her completely below. she suggests that she hates urmi with the guts and doesnt know the way to get rid of her. Diya asks her not to talk evil of urmi. damini taunts that she acquired so scared, Which Here is the perfect number of Saans-bahu, and asks her to take care of urmi, as soon she shall be ruined. Diya warns damini that she shouldnt attempt to damage anybody, as this time about, she wont consider it lyind down and be silent and silent over it, and convey to Everybody about her evil and vicious designs. Damini asks her to shut up, as she isnt threatened by her. Diya all over again reiterates. She asks if damini remembers the rape, that she didnt spare her riminals. damini eyes her tensedly. Diya leaves. damini states that she should in fact don’t forget it, or else she may have to remind her again. she finds urmi observing her from another end from the roof, angrily. urmi concerns her, and asks her to stop this recreation of hers, and asks her to take care of her respect in front of The brand new bahu. damini suggests that she doesnt take diya as the bahu. Urmi asks her to just accept or not, as it doesnt hassle her. Urmi tells damini that if she tries to create problems for diya any which way, then she would expose her in front of Every person. damini eyes her tensedly. Urmi tells her that after the truth will come out, she would be seriously disrespected in front of the loved ones. urmi states that she is digging a pit for herself, and she or he ought to be careful. She leaves. Damini is discouraged, and says that thepit is dug, but for urmi, and he or she just really should throw her in it. she declares that tomorrow can be urmi’s previous day. the monitor freezes on damini’s evil encounter.

Precap: Diya cuts her finger accidentally, and shaurya promptly rushes to her aid. But she wards off his hand, asking him not to intervene, as its a small Reduce, and she or he shall take care of it herself, expressing that she’s alreadu under his financial debt of favours, and doesnt want anymore. he sits tensedly. To teach her a lesson, intentionally. He starts off coughing. She notices this and hurriedly goes to acquire h2o. he beverages it, then states that he is extremely grateful for this favour of hers, which he shall not ignore all his lifestyle, taunting her. he asks her To place What’s more, it in exactly the same category. Diya stands flustered possessing been offered her personal medicine.

Written Update By Sahir


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