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Doli Armaanon Ki 15th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence

Damini tensedly listens as urmi narrates anything A lot to their shock. she suggests that she got somewhat late in figuring out it, as diya was dressed, and all arrangements have been Completely ready, the reporters had been thronging the gate, the company were inside of, and therefore At the moment, she did what she believed was proper, and as a result she requested to shaurya to move in. urmi tells about sumit and his family members’s betrayal. She then claims that she couldnt have witnessed diya staying disgraced another time, and that’s why saved her grace. diya asks how could she threat shaurya’s existence fr hers, and sacrificed his existence for her. diya asks why did she bind her in this unfortuanet helpless relation, as he doesnt adore her, and has to bear her for the rest of his existence. Shaurya clarifies that it isnt like that, but diya emphasises that he doesnt enjoy her, then why did he make this happen sacrificial favour fr her. she states that he shouldnt have married her, as he desired adore rather than organized marriage, as she isnt the type of Woman that he desires or likes. He is tensed. She asks why did he try this, in order that she is usually undert their credit card debt. urmi says that its not a favour, but he has married. diya says they shouldnt have as its Erroneous. damini evilly thinks its superior that diya also shall struggle with urmi now. Diya asks if she seriously did any very good to any one, as she isnt this weak, that something similar to this occurs, and she or he would have broken down. she asks how could she sacrifice her son’s happiness for her joy. she suggests that its Erroneous, and goes upstairs. All are shocked and stunned. shaurya goes soon after her. Ishaani claims that diya is correct, and stands in front of urmi, indicating that she Yet again proved herself as Mother india, by ruining shaurya’s existence and joy. she states that they arent mere puppets that might abide by what urmi states or asks. urmi attempts to clarify. Ishaani is outside of reprieve and asks how could she get him married, when he didnt like ishaani. Anirudh and alok question urmi if she requested shaurya at the time right before having this final decision. Anirudh asks if she understands what occurred with shaurya previously, the horrific past that has a tragic tale, as he has found Significantly soreness and torture in his to start with marriage, and therefore doesnt want it in the subsequent relation. urmi states that it wont transpire, as the initial Woman left him, and he has to maneuver on, which happens to be what she would like. asha agrees with urmi. ishaan suggests this doesnt necessarily mean diya was the sole Female left. urmi attempts to guarantee that shaurya can be satisfied with diya, and that in such a problem, their marriage was destined and meant to be. Anirudh says that maybe she is correct, as Future cant be questioned, and needs and prays that this relation fills their everyday living with contentment. urmi is tensed.

In her place, diya is crying. Shaurya enters asking whats she sad about, that she couldnt marry sumit, or that she married shaurya. He asks if it was all pretense and lies that she beloved sumit. she suggests that she didnt adore sumit, but she doesnt love him possibly, and greater than that, he doesnt like her. He attempts to talk, but she waives it off, declaring that its a favour, in order that she doesnt die of humiliation, but now she would suffocate underneath his credit card debt. He claims that Of course she could be the 1 he likes. She doesnt consider it, since it doesnt meet thedescription with the girl he likes. he says that her liking was also a thing distinct, and which was also a failure. diya states that their marriage is actually a failure. Shaurya is tensed, whilst diya states that relations arent developed such as this. he attempts to talk, when she states that she wont be capable to bear to generally be with him any longer at the moment. he asks her to Allow him talk atleast. but she asks him to get out, declaring that she didnt feel this undesirable, when karan deserted her. he turns her all over, and asks if she in contrast him to karan. she says that karan remaining and showed her the truth, and he held her hand and confirmed the exact same. He is devastated and says that she way too confirmed the truth, that he’s like karan. he thanks her dryly and leaves. Diya breaks into tears. She asks the goddess, what Examination is she taking of hers, that she gave her existence to her, as well as lord put it alternatively in some other person’s existence.

In his place, shaurya is indignant and furious, expressing that she neither really wants to hear or have an understanding of. urmi comes and eyes him tensedly. She asks if He’s offended as well. He asks why as she states that every one are questioning her. she clarifies that only expensive kinds are angry and query, and she way too doubts regardless of whether her son might be delighted, and if her choice was appropriate, as she only did what she felt suitable within the spur of the moment. She asks him never to imagine, thast she risked the lifetime of her son, to avoid wasting diya’s grace and dignity. he retains her hand, and suggests that it isnt like that. she claims that noone’s pleased with her conclusion, and diya is an effective Lady, and if this is going on, then its great, as she believes that diya and he shall be joyful, but noone seems to see that. He controls his tears after which wipes hers off, declaring that she isnt Mistaken, and reminds how she had uncovered that his Woman in all likeness is Diya. urmi is shocked at this revelation. He says that he’s satisfied, to acquire married diya. urmi asks if he is indicating this to help make her delighted. He says that he’s happily expressing it, as he likes her very much, and asks her never to acquire stress, as all shall be all right, and that he is extremely happy. He then expresses his reservations about diya, after which you can tells her not to get tension about it too, since the relations produced by time, needs to be specified the perfect time to experienced, but he assures that he shall satisfy this relation with all his coronary heart and may possibly. She is happy with him.

Then urmi comes in diya’s area, and suggests that gods meant this relationship to occur. She asks diya that she believes that matches are made in heaven, and from time to time These are ideal in front of the eyes, and in some cases miles apart. She claims the lord chooses a existence spouse for everybody, and he selected shaurya for her. she states that she understands it had been hasty, which led her to a lot of grievances, anger and concerns, but assures that she didnt choose this choice, to save her life, but to just take her fate. She suggests that she understands shaurya and diya shall be satisfied with each other, and asks if she will think about her as a mom. Diya claims that she doesnt have any complaints from her, but feels that in handling her lifestyle, she broke shaurya’s heart. urmi suggests this following move is needed for equally of these, and asks her to consider one stage ahead. she asks diya to acquire up. urmi tells diya that from at the present time forth, she wont keep here, but with shaurya. diya is shocked.

As shaurya stands listlessly with the window, urmi will get diya in his area, and tells that they shall remain in this space collectively now. Shaurya and diya awkwardly experience one another. urmi nods to him, then wishes them good night, after which you can closes the doorway on her way out. he eyes her and after that appears absent, although she far too turns away.

In her space, damini is annoyed that The entire prepare is ruined now, and now urmi knows about her, and is particularly in a very problem to threaten her to go out of your home. she gets angry and decides that ahead of she does something, damini herself shall must do seomthing, as urmi has done adequate. she claims that she shall acquire such a revenge that urmi wouldnt even consider. She claims that urmi has neglected the evil facet of your goddess. evilly thinks that diya can rejoice her wedding day evening with shaurya all that she would like, but she shall celebrate her ruins. the display freezes on her evil face.

Precap: For the breakfast desk, as all Assemble, diya comes along with papers and states that the way by which the marriage happeneed yesterday, was extremely unfortunate and there’s nothing at all that might have been carried out. but now she ideas to complete anything about this, and has think of an answer, to amend what they did Mistaken, by the wedding with shaurya. They’re all boggled, but she shocks them by saying, that she ideas to free shaurya from this relation, guilt free of charge, by offering him divorce. diya exhibits him the divorce papers, which she has now signed, and its his transform to try and do the signatures, to no cost him from this undesirable relation. She suggests that from her side, the wedding is over. Damini glows in victory.

Written Update By Sahir


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