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Doli Armaanon Ki 14th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence

All the marriage celebrations are in total swing, when damini arrives dressed, saying that she has waited greatly, for this unique wedding day of diya, that shall quickly turn to ruins. The reporters throng the home and after that question damini Exactly what are her views on diya’s relationship. damini commences becoming noble and claims that diya came in damaged and frustrated, plus they attempted to aid her in whichever way they may, and its good which they organised a wedding for her, as that they had promised her a person. They request about shaurya and she or he suggests that he must be about. they then question about diya, if they might have some pics of her much too, but she asks them to attend until the groom arrives. The reporters request when shall the baraat arrive. she evilly smiles and claims that she’s waiting around as impatiently for it, as they are.

In her place, diya is highly anxious and tensed, as she sits before the goddess. she asks if she wont come to bless her, being a mother’s blessing always counts, Which she shall must appear to offer her strength, as anywhere she’s, electricity comes alone. A girl starts off coming. She goes to diya, and tells her that her baraat arrived, and that its a big, grand just one. diya smiles. The dupatta in the Woman falls on her head with the wind, and he or she takes it as a sign with the goddess, because the Lady operates clear of there. While in the corridor, there’s a Excitement concerning the grand baraat and all rush towards the doorway, to test it out. damini is shocked and boggled as to how the baraat came. she turns all-around and is shocked. She rushes out, and finds a groom coming in within the horse, combined with the baraat, when the household greets them Fortunately. she miracles how did it occur, as her system couldnt be ruined, and this cant occur, as there’s unquestionably some trouble. she is set to determine. she will come within to understand that urmi is in just how asking why is she so tense. Damini hastily rushes to go in. But urmi asks her to welcome the attendees. damini refues asking her to do so. urmi reminds that she may be the elder of your house, and as a result its a ritual that she should do. Urmi reminds her that practically nothing is more imp than the wedding. damini states that its relevant to relationship only. she goes within. In her room, she wonders how could she deal with this type of betrayal, and starts off finding berserk and disappointed regarding why the baraat came. She commences dialling sumit and his family’s quantity. She hollers at sumit, and is particularly stunned when he suggests that he’s previously boarding together with the mothers and fathers. She miracles that is in this article then. urmi comes in asking who’s it that unsuccessful her system so terribly. damini eyes her angrily, whilst urmi comes in asking who is usually that, and asks if she truly assumed she would have the capacity to pull this evil prank. She asks how could she Participate in a pawn of every relation. damini waives her off. Urmi asks her to shut up, as rani instructed her all the things. Damini confronts her, when urmi asks her to convey something. She suggests that she cant imagine she could kidnap rani, and asks how could she try this, Engage in with thoughts using a paid marriage. She reprimands damini profusely. urmi suggests that she cant kill diya, given that the lord doesnt want that. She states they go ahead and take 7 pious circles with the one that can be a match designed in heaven. Urmi claims that she is disgusted at what she did. Damini suggests that she will be able to stoop significantly lower and Certainly she tried to destroy diya, so what, with no slightest hint of regret. urmi claims that she really should be ashamed. damini asks Should they be ashamed, anirudh didnt come to feel shame when he slapped her, she didnt really feel disgrace when she introduced a rape victim right here. She suggests they begun questioning her existence. damini states that she wont let diya continue to be below and he or she must continue to be outside of her lifestyle and her household. she suggests that she would have had urmi thrown out way too, experienced she not contained ishaan’s baby. She says that she ought to be fortuitous, that she remains to be listed here. Urmi asks that she need to thank he lord in its place. She sayss that right now if she instructed about what she did, then How about her existence, as anirudh shall throw her out. damini asks her to remain in her boundaries, and she states that she’s, but time is right here, when she should be reminded of her boundaries. She warns damini that she shouldnt do anything Erroneous as though that happens, then she would forget every little thing and cross boundaries of age, relation, regard. Damini claims that what ever ahppens to her isnt critical. she says that she wanted to ship diya. she states that she’s eventually away from her everyday living, as frankly, she could get married to any individual, but be out, and that at last happened what she desired.

In the meantime, downstairs, the wedding transpires, since the jaimala is finished. Then finally, the pheras, after which the mangalsutra and veremillion is done way too. the reporters depart after their media byte. the priest asks the few to just take blessings from the elders. diya desnt obtain sumit’s mom and dad. anirudh asks where are they. Urmi will come down with damini declaring which they arent right here, as their son isnt. this shocks everyone. Anirudh asks Otherwise sumit, then that is it. Diya is incredibly nervous and tensed. urmi comes and states that its shaurya. this shocks All people, although chiku is pleased. Diya turns all around to discover shaurya obtaining taken off his sehra. All are super stunned and stunned. the screen freezes on diya’s confront.

Precap: urmi tells about sumit and his family’s betrayal. She then says that she couldnt have seen diya being disgraced yet again. diya asks why did she bind her in this unfortuanet helpless relation, as he doesnt love her, and has to bear her for the rest of his life. Shaurya clarifies that it isnt like that, but diya emphasises that he doesnt love her, then why did he do this sacrificial favour fr her. He is tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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