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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj telling Bhabho that he will get happiness when he sees Sandhya in her uniform. Sandhya hears him and asks Sooraj is he ready, his program will come on radio, he will give cooking tips, if he can teach someone like me, then he can teach anyone, he will talk to everyone on radio and he will get many fans, but he won’t get a fan like me.

Bhabho and Babasa switch on radio. Sooraj is at radio station. Rj Asha introduces the famous halwai Sooraj Rathi, and says you can learn sweet making by Sooraj, if you want to impress someone, then hear our show, and you can ask any question to Sooraj directly. Sandhya signs to Sooraj and smiles. Sooraj talks on radio and everyone smile listening him. Babasa and Bhabho call Sooraj. Arzoo says we will see whose call reaches first. Asha says our first lucky caller is….. A girl calls Sooraj. Arzoo laughs. The girl says I did not know making Rasgulla. Sooraj tells her the recipe of making Rasgullas. Sooraj’s show gets hit. Sandhya smiles.

After some months, Sandhya asks Sooraj what gift did he get for her. He asks why, is there anything special. She says yes, its seven months of my pregnancy, I know this has bangles right, or Gajra. He says no. She asks him to say. He says I know you are very adamant. She gets anklets and says you don’t know my ankle size, this is too short. He says this is for my daughter, when she walks to me wearing this, I will run and hug her, I will tickle her and she will tell me she has to play, I will play with her. He realizes his helplessness and gets sad. Sandhya looks on and cries. He asks is anklet good. She smiles and says its beautiful. They smile. Diya aur baati………………plays………….

Its morning, Sanadhya cooks at the shop. Emily comes there and asks for one kg Gulab jamun. Sandhya says wait, I will give, you look beautiful today, tell me is there anything special, its your and Om’s wedding anniversary today, I forgot that, congrats, whats the special plans. Emily says we will go for lunch and movie. Sandhya says we are happy for you, life gave you new chance as Om, stay happy.

A man comes and tells Sandhya that his daughter passed 12th class, we kept party at night, pack 5 kgs barfi and jalebi. Sandhya congratulates the girl and asks her plan. The girl says I have one dream to become IPS officer, I love police uniform. Sandhya recalls her dream and says great, police duty is really good, work hard, and this sweets for your dream. The man says I will come back and take sweets. The girl thanks Sandhya and goes.

Emily says you have taken Sooraj’s responsibility well, but you still love your uniform, I know that job was not that job, but your dream and passion. Sandhya says I will always love that uniform and job, I m happy doing this, I forget everything when I see smile on Sooraj’s face, that’s most imp for me, enjoy the day, have these sweets.

Maasa tells Bhabho that you said you will get best wife for Sooraj in 15 days, and see today that thing turned true, Sandhya is managing house, shop and Sooraj’s treatment alone, she did not give anyone a reason to complain. Bhabho says yes, I feel she was born to me in last birth, she is doing a son’s duty too, she is managing Sooraj’s shop, she got Sooraj on radio program and now he is also happy, and out of that confined room, everything is fine, I just wish….. She cries and asks Om about Sooraj’s progress, Sooraj would be becoming father in a month, if he is unable to hold his baby, he will be sad. Om says Sandhya is doing Sooraj’s best treatment available, we have to wait. Bhabho asks him to answer as doctor. Om says I can’t give you any false hope. She says it means my son will never get fine.

Maasa says Sandhya could not even make tea, she left her job and managing shop now, Lord is blessing us, Sooraj will get fine soon and he will manage his responsibilities soon. Bhabho says yes, I m also waiting for this time. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to add more dry fruits in laddoo. Meenakshi says even I want to have sweets. Sandhya comes and asks did Sooraj not come, his radio program ended. She tells Meenakshi will she make laddoos like this and tells about gondh. Meenakshi asks Sandhya will you teach cooking to Bhabho now. Bhabho says its dried gondh. Sandhya asks her to listen to the sound while she puts gondh on the plate, and asks Bhabho to check, its still not dry.

Meenakshi says its Dharm Sankat, who will tell now whether this gondh is dry or not. Sooraj comes there. Meenakshi says judge has come, he will decide now. She tells about the gondh and what Bhabho and Sandhya are saying. She asks him to say whether its dry or not. Sandhya says I was saying its not dry, see the sound, laddoos will turn bitter if gondh is not dry. Bhabho asks Sooraj to say true and not get in Dharm Sankat.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that its her fav food. Sandhya falls down by labor pain and Sooraj shouts Bhabho.

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