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Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj asking Bhabho and Sandhya to take her to Chavi, I feel she is doing something wrong. Chavi cries and makes the rope loop. Sooraj asks her to open the door. Chavi apologizes to him. Sooraj calls out Vikram and Babasa. They all ask Chavi to open the door. Sandhya asks Vikram to break the door. Vikram breaks the door. They all get shocked seeing Chavi committing suicide, and save her. Chavi cries and apologizes to them. She says I did not give you anything. Sooraj talks emotionally and says you are our only sister and only daughter of old parents, we all love you so much. Everyone cry.

Sooraj says we are your family, we love you, we are not your enemy, tell me the matter, that you were committing suicide. Sandhya says don’t be scared, we all are with you. Chavi says sorry Sooraj, I did not wish to join hands with Dipen against you, I was helpless. Sandhya asks what. Chavi says I was in debt, I took 10 lakhs loan in Mumbai, which I could not repay, bank people got after me, then Dipen met me and said he will pay my loan, but after losing, he changed and did not give me money, that loan people came here, they said if I don’t pay loan till evening, I was scared, how could I tell my problem to you all.

Sooraj says you tried to take this step in madness, you did not think what we will go through, when you know your brothers are standing with you, if we can give our lives for you, can’t we give 10 lakhs, we promised you to protect you forever, when you tied us rakhi, how did you not think to talk to me. Chavi asks how could I tell you after doing mistakes. He says committing suicide is of cowards, this is not good, family is to share happiness and sorrows. Vikram says Lord gave you two brothers, no one dares to talk to you in high tone, we are not weak. Sandhya asks Chavi to look at her family, you are lucky, we did not get hurt by anything till now, we got hurt today, one person commit suicides and entire family dies by that, its biggest cowardness and selfish thing, you would have not got Mukti and Moksh, Lord gave us life and has right to take life, suicide is easy way to run away from problems, you should fight with problems, value your life, move on with courage, Rathi family did not learn to bend down to problems.

Chavi apologizes. Sandhya makes her promise that she won’t do this again. Sooraj says leave all this, I promise Chavi’s all sorrows are mine and my all happiness is Chavi’s, I m always with Chavi. Chavi promises not to do this again. Meenakshi says forgive me if I said anything that has hurt you, and why did you get my rope to commit suicide, my clothes got dirty and I have to wash it again. They smile. Bhabho and Vikram say Meenakshi won’t change ever.

After four months, Bhabho and Meenakshi pray. They see Sandhya managing the shop. Meenakshi says Bhabho, see there, Sandhya is managing so well. Sandhya gets sweets order and cooks with two hands. Bhabho says no one can say Sandhya is four months pregnant. Meenakshi says whatever Sandhya does, she is perfect, I will name her halwai. Bhabho sees Sooraj in Sandhya and says I m seeing my Sooraj in Sandhya, even he used to work with devotion. Meenakshi says the baby will be hardworking. They smile.

Bhabho goes to Sooraj and says when Sandhya was asked about sweets, she did not know anything, and today she is making perfect sweets, she is great. Sooraj looks at the trophies and awards earned by Sandhya. She asks are you not happy. he says nothing like that, Sandhya does everything by determination, but she has sacrificed her dream, she did not do that right. Sandhya hears him. He says I used to get happy seeing Sandhya in her uniform, that happiness is lost now.

Sandhya gets labor pains and falls down. Sooraj worries and asks her to get up. He shouts to Bhabho.

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