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Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya telling Sandhya that Lokesh is innocent and Lokesh will speak out the truth, and about Sooraj, we have doubt on him, not any proof, Sooraj is denying the blame, lets see, we have one day time else this case will go to CBI.

Its night, Sooraj sees Sooraj’s pic and cries. Bhabho and Babasa come to Sandhya. Bhabho holds her hand and says I m going to Jaipur tomorrow, you take care of everyone and Sooraj, he is broken by Mohit’s death, just you can manage him and understand his heart. Sandhya cries. Bhabho wipes her tears and asks why are you crying. Sandhya thinks I can’t tell them that I m stuck between duty and family again. Bhabho says you are everyone’s strength, if you fall weak, what about us.

They hear Meenakshi and go out to see. Meenakshi argues with Lalima and asks about lahenga. She asks Lalima to return lahenga. Lalima says listen to me, Lalima has gone for dry cleaning. Meenakshi says a new lie. Bhabho asks Meenakshi not to create scene for one lahenga, don’t trouble Lalima. Meenakshi says my client is asking for same lahenga, what shall I do. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to keep home peaceful. Meenakshi says I will get insulted because of Lalima and goes. Bhabho and Babasa leave. Lalima runs upstairs. Sandhya looks on and thinks Lalima did not wear that lahenga, why did she give it for dry cleaning.

Lalima thinks what to do, Sandhya has heard this. She calls the guy to know about lahenga. She hears someone coming and thinks to lie to show Sandhya. Lalima tells the man that lahenga went for dry cleaning by mistake, so keep it aside, I will collect tomorrow. She turns and sees Lokesh. She cries. He asks what happened, don’t be scared, I m with you. She says I m worried for you and hugs him. He says everything will be fine and thinks how to tell Lalima that he confessed that he killed Mohit, police can come anytime to arrest him, Lalima should not know this, I have to do something.

Sooraj asks Bhabho not to worry, and packs her bag. He asks what is she seeing. She says I spoke to Sandhya today. He asks what. She says I have seen failure in Sandhya’s eyes for the first time, she is finding Mohit’s murderer day and night, but even then she did not succeed. Sooraj says he got warm socks for her. She stops him and says for the first time, I m seeing Sandhya fight alone, you always supported her, she did not break down by your support, don’t leave her alone in any situation, you have to support Sandhya. They both cry. Sooraj leaves.

Sandhya comes to laundry shop and inquires about Lalima’s lahenga. He says yes, Lalima called and says lahenga was clean, and it came with other clothes, but I have seen it, it needed dry cleaning. Sandhya thinks she has to find out what is Lalima hiding. Lokesh comes there and hears her. Sandhya asks the man not to give lahenga to Lalima or anyone else, I will come and collect it. Lokesh leaves.

At home, Sandhya thinks about call of telephone exchange people, matter should have been cleared. Bhabho comes to her and says Sooraj did not come for dinner till now, I know, go and make him have food. Sandhya takes the tiffin and goes.

Sandhya comes to Sooraj in the temple. She thinks why is he sitting here alone, what is his worry which he is not telling me. She sits along and says Bhabho was worried as you did not come home for dinner. She opens the tiffin. He helps her. She says I forgot to get spoon, I will make you have food. Her phone rings and that telephone guy tells her about Sooraj’s location. Her phone falls and it gets on speaker. The man tells her that Sooraj’s phone location was recorded near that PCO. Sandhya and Sooraj hear it. She gets shocked and looks at him.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that he has called police to inform about Mohit’s death. He says I will tell you the truth today and ties her. He locks her in her shop.

Written Update By Amena


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