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Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts Bhabho preparing badam halwa and arranging things for sangeet. Lalima asks her not to take stress. Bhabho says you are the bride, you don’t look good roaming like this, go to room, badam halwa will glow your face. She sends Lalima. Meenakshi comes and gets another complain about Emily. Bhabho takes it light. She tells Bhabho that she will see the work here. Bhabho asks her to give badam halwa to Lalima and goes to see gifts. Meenakshi sends Jamuni and eats the badams.

Chaturi shows Bhabho about Emily’s unique gift ideas. Bhabho likes it and says whenever this will ring, Lalima will get blessings. She moves the bell and it does not sound. She says she is not hearing any sound. Meenakshi says I will see, ghungroo is not there in the bell. Bhabho asks how can this happen. Chaturi checks all gifts and shows its all faulty. Bhabho asks what will happen now. She scolds Emily and asks did she not check the gifts before buying. Emily says you told me to buy what looks good. Meenakshi says you should have checked once, Emily says I did not know ghungroo is there in bell or not, I did the work. Meenakshi argues.

Emily says Babasa can do mistake, then I m also human, its small mistake by me, Babasa does mistakes daily, you all did not say that time. Bhabho shouts enough. She scolds Emily asking how dare you say this about your Babasa. Babasa looks on. Bhabho asks how can you compare yourself with Babasa, do you mean he is useless, your Babasa is real strength of this house, he is my power, he is everything. Emily cries. Bhabho says talk with respect about him, I can’t bear his insult, think and talk before me, you are youngest bahu of this house, learn to accept mistake than proving yourself, I will not bear this. She goes. Meenakshi, Babasa, Chaturi and Emily get glad. Emily says I got Bhabho’s love back, thanks. Meenakshi thinks Chaturi’s plan worked well for Emily and Babasa.

Bhabho calls the man and asks him to send gifts. Babasa comes to Bhabho. He says I felt I m useless burden on everyone, I m not ideal husband and ideal father, but what you told me today. I heard it and felt you gave me a new life, I felt I matter a lot to you and this house, trust me, even if you told me your situation, I would have supported you, don’t feel you are alone, I will be with you in all problems of life, always…. They cry. She holds his hand.

Meenakshi and Chaturi make Sandhya ready for sangeet. Meenakshi says hurry up, we have to give her some tips too. Vikram and Bholaram make Sooraj work out. Meenakshi asks Sandhya not to laugh and just shy off. She asks Sandhya to laugh seeing someone else, not Sooraj, men get jealous when we laugh seeing other men. Chaturi asks her to walk like this infront of Sooraj.

Bholaram shows SRK’s pic to Sooraj. Vikram asks him to do SRK’s act and open his arms. Bholaram acts. Vikram says I will do better and does act. Sooraj tries SRK’s pose. Vikram says now you look a hero. Chaturi asks Sandhya to walk as if she is keeping a pot on her waist, look straight and smile. Sandhya says you did well, I will get shy doing this. Meenakshi says shoot your shame, try it. Bholaram brings Salman’s pic and Vikram does Salman’s style show. He makes Sooraj try and compliments him.

Sandhya smiles and tries walking with nakhras and jhatkas. She stumbles and says if I fall, it will insult. Chaturi shows the walk again. Vikram and Bholaram make Sooraj ready. Meenakshi calls tailor and says Sandhya’s wedding lahenga should be fit, I want her to look heroine. Sooraj gets groomed and smiles.

Meenakshi, Sandhya and Chaturi come downstairs. Everyone smile seeing them. Sooraj comes with Vikram and Bholaram. Sandhya and Sooraj see each other. Sandhya thinks that clothes suit him. Sooraj thinks he feels she is his dream princess, wo aini Sandhya. Lalima says my friend is coming from Gujarat, her name is Gopi, will you both go and pick her. Gopi greets Sooraj and Sandhya.

Sandhya and Gopi dance on the song nagade sang dhol baaje………… everyone clap.

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