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Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Meenakshi seeing 500rs note. She says its fake note and shouts to everyone. Emily checks it and says its not fake note. Meenakshi says oh, then it will be mine. Emily says it can’t be yours, as its Pakistani note. They all look on shocked. Babasa checks it. Bhabho asks how did this come. Babasa says will you throw this as saree. Meenakshi says it is brought here, Sandhya would have got this from Pakistan. Sandhya says I have changed all notes at airport, this is not mine. Meenakshi says mistakes happen, accept it sometimes. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to think of her mistakes, did you accept it ever, maybe Sandhya got this note. Sandhya says no, I changed notes, this is not my note, I don’t know how did this note come here. She thinks. Bhabho asks her not to worry, notes can’t fly and come, leave all this, prepare to welcome Arzoo tomorrow, its last marriage of this generation, I want the best to welcome my bahu. Babasa agrees and says Resham… Bhabho stares at him.

Its morning, train arrives…. Arzoo’s friends wakes her saying Ajmer has come. She says if Ajmer is crossed, we will have to find their house, get up. She thinks to wake up Arzoo by Salman’s name. She says Salman’s name and Arzoo gets up. Her friend asks her to take bags and come fast. Sandhya, Sooraj and Chotu come at station.

Arzoo smiles seeing India and says its same like Pakistan. Sandhya and Sooraj are on the way towards train to find Arzoo. Her friend asks about Chotu. Arzoo says I have reached India and greets. Sandhya says we have come just like this, we should have got flowers. Sooraj asks Chotu how did he forget to bring flowers. Arzoo thinks where are Sandhya and Sooraj. Her friend asks Arzoo why did she get Chulbul. Arzoo says Salman’s lines and says this is my laws. Sandhya says Chotu did not take flowers, so that he can send us and meet Arzoo alone. Her friend asks Arzoo to come. Arzoo says its my first step here, take my pic. Her friend takes her pics.

Sandhya and Sooraj go to buy flowers. Arzoo says I heard Chotu is coming to take me, where is he. Chotu looks for Arzoo. Arzoo sees Chotu and smiles. She steps down on some fans switches. The huge fans get started and strong air blows. Sooraj holds Sandhya. Arzoo says I stepped here and storm came. Chulbul runs away from Arzoo. Arzoo calls out Chulbul….. the flowers fly in the air, along with the junk. Chotu sees Chulbul and thinks that puppy can get hurt. He takes Chulbul… and a dupatta falls over Chotu. Arzoo comes to Chotu seeing Chulbul with him. a dupatta falls over her face as well. She takes Chulbul from Chotu and thanks him. Arzoo goes away and removes the dupatta off her face. Chotu also removes dupatta off his face and sees the girl going.

Arzoo turns and till then Chotu also turns to the either side. The people leave out of the platform. Sandhya switches off the fans. The strong wind halts. The man says it was by these fans, we thought its storm. Sooraj laughs seeing flowers in Sandhya’s hair. She asks what happened. Chotu comes and smiles. Sooraj tells Sandhya that you decorated flowers well. She asks him to find Arzoo. Sooraj shows Sandhya in phone camera. She asks when did this get in my hair. Sooraj removes the flowers. She says Resham is calling. Sooraj says maybe Arzoo went out. Sandhya talks to Resham and says Arzoo… Resham asks where are you. Sandhya says we are at station. Resham says Arzoo is coming Pushkar with her friend by taxi, her friend knows this city, come home. Sandhya says fine and ends call. She tells Sooraj that Arzoo is eager to meet Chotu, she left for Pushkar, this love story is also becoming great like ours.

Arzoo meets Resham and says I was dying to hug you. She hugs Resham. Resham asks her how did you get Chulbul. Arzoo says I got him by train. Mahek says great, our Mushtandi has come, how did you get dog here. Arzoo says Salman’s dialogue and says I did not let anyone see Chulbul, I have hidden it. Resham says it means you broke laws, this is very wrong.

Her friend says you know what happened at station. Mahek says you came here as well, tell me what happened. Arzoo says there was storm at station. Mahek says if you stepped here, storm had to come, now Lord knows what will happen.

Babasa and everyone laugh. Meenakshi gives tea to everyone and says Sooraj should have taken a pic, they would have seen Gulabo Sandhya. Bhabho asks Sandhya not to stare at Sooraj and scare him, he said what happened, who came who has shaken you. Sandhya says let that person come infront of me, then I will show.

Resham goes arrangements for haldi and compliments Arzoo. They have a talk. Arzoo says Mahek won’t do anything for me. Resham says we will start haldi rasam. Arzoo’s uncle says there is call for Arzoo from police station. Arzoo thinks its from Sandhya and takes phone to greet Sandhya. Awasthi asks Arzoo to come to police station and tells rules. He calls Sandhya there as well for imp work. Sandhya and Bhabho come there. Arzoo argues and asks does anyone get bride from haldi, are you saying as we are from Pakistan. Resham calms Arzoo. Bhabho tries to see her and says Pakistan…..

Bhabho goes to Arzoo, while everyone look on tensely.

Written Update By Amena


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