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Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya hugging Misri and saying I will miss you a lot. Misri says I will miss you too, how is this girl. Sandhya says she is a brave girl, her name is Mansi. She introduces her family to Mansi, and says Misri is going to Udaipur for cooking competition. Meenakshi thinks Mansi had run away, Misri has seen inauspicious face while leaving. The lady Shilpi waits for Misri to come. Sandhya asks Mansi to sit, don’t get scared, I will drop Misri and come.

Vikram asks Misri to get a good shirt for him, so that he can wear it and tell everyone that she got it for him. She says sure and hugs him. Meenakshi feels sorry to lie to him, when Misri wins and comes, his happiness will be on seventh cloud. She takes Missri and goes out.

Bhabho gives water and kheer to Mansi, and says I will just come, Misri is leaving. Sandhya sees Mansi upset and goes t her. Shilpi asks Meenakshi where is she. Meenakshi says we are leaving. Shilpi says Meenakshi won’t get time after this moment. Vikram asks Meenakshi to whom is she talking. Meenakshi says Sudha, she was asking when is Misri leaving. Vikram gets emotional about Misri and says I m feeling sad to send her, I know you are sending her to make her learn something, if I could, I would not send her anywhere, she is my diamond. Meenakshi thinks to come back home and tell truth to Vikram. Meenakshi asks Misri for her blue purse. Misri says I will get it. Meenakshi thinks her purse has ticket, money, and papers, if anyone sees that, they will know everything. She goes to get it.

Sandhya asks Mansi not to get scared. Mansi says they lied to me and took me abroad. Sandhya asks who, if you tell us, other girls can get justice. She asks Meenakshi what happened. Meenakshi says Misri forgot her purse. She takes purse and leaves. Sandhya says I will ask later, I will see off Misri and come. Vikram says I will go and drop Misri, I will talk to her on the way. Meenakshi says no, you have work at shop, I will go. Vikram says fine, go. Meenakshi and Misri leave. Misri waves bye to everyone.

Shilpi waits for Misri. She calls Makrand and says Misri will try to fly, once her feathers get cut, she will become our pet animal. Everyone come back home and see Mansi. Sooraj asks Mansi why did she not eat kheer, Bhabho got this for her with love. Bhabho says after Misri went, house looks so lonely. Vikram sees the toffees and says I forgot to give this to Misri, what to do of this now. He gives toffees to Mansi and says I could not give this to Misri, you take this, its good. Sandhya thinks Mansi got cheated, she will not trust anyone, will she understand Vikram’s emotions. Mansi takes toffees. Sandhya smiles.

Mansi cries and says I also like it, my father also used to get this for me. Vikram asks her to eat it. Sandhya goes and calls Arpita. She asks Arpita to come home, I think Mansi is coming out of her fear, this is right time to talk to her, we have to save more innocent girls from this racket.

Emily is leaving and wishes Om stops her. He wishes she does not go. She says I m leaving Om and cries. He shows the cupboard with her clothes and asks her to stop. He says I feel we should give another chance to each other, I need you. Bhabho comes there and says no need to come in Om’s words, he will talk sweet and then fight, Emily tell him that you won’t change your decision. Maasa comes. Emily says Bhabho, I don’t want to leave. Maasa asks what will you do staying here, Om fights with you and taunts you, why do you want to stay. Emily says yes, Om hurts me, but he is also hurt. I can understand his anger and pain. Maasa asks Bhabho to hear this, Emily said its not Om’s mistake. Om says its my mistake, Emily also lost her child, I got my anger out on her.

Bhabho asks Maasa to hear it, its Om’s mistake. Maasa says I don’t know, they are saying its not their mistake, whose mistake is this. Om says time was such, we lost child and situation was like, we blamed each other, we got annoyed, but not anymore. He tells Emily that he loves her a lot. Emily says you are happiness for me, I love you too. They hug. Maasa and Bhabho smile.

Maasa shouts and asks whats this drama, you fought like kids and patched up, our relations got spoiled. Bhabho says yes, I had to argue with Maasa. Om and Emily apologize. Maasa and Bhabho forgive them. Maasa asks Bhabho to make kheer, its happy day. They leave. Om hugs Emily.

Meenakshi and Misri meet Shilpi. Shilpi says I will take care of Misri, shall we leave now. Misri hugs Meenakshi. Shilpi thinks they won’t meet each other again. She takes Misri in car and leaves. Meenakshi cries. Misri says this route does not go to airport, I won’t go with you, anyone help, save me. Shilpi slaps her.

Mansi gives details and artist makes the sketch of Shilpi. Meenakshi sees that and gets shocked.

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