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Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th November 2015 Written Update

Bhabho crying. She sees the Karwa pot in her hand. She wishes to get strength that she makes this storm away from Sooraj’s life, that she can return his peace and happiness. She keeps the Karwa pot and cries. She sees her bahu in ghunghat…. She goes to her bahu and says sorry Lalima, I love you as my daughter, but I can’t do this, Sandhya deserves this Karwa, Sooraj and Sandhya Jodi is made by Lord, we can’t separate them, it was my anger that I stopped you, you did not come, it was not your mistake, I was blind in anger as Sooraj left to find Sandhya after seeing her pic, no one can take Sandhya’s place in his heart, the truth is we all love Sandhya, Rathi family is incomplete without her, I gave you wrong hope, forgive me. Everyone look on and smile.

Bhabho says I can just give Rathi bahu place to Sandhya for seven births, no one can take her place. She cries. Lalima comes and says you said it right Bhabho. They all get shocked seeing Lalima at the door. Bhabho sees the lady in ghunghat. Lalima smiles. Sandhya lifts her ghunghat and Bhabho gets shocked seeing her.

Sandhya happily cries and hugs Bhabho. Lalima recalls how Sooraj made her realize her mistake and left the decision on her about the one who would have his wife’s place in Rathi family. She cries and falls down. Sooraj says you are still Devi for me, you gave me my life and happiness, I m ashamed, you became my strength and today my love became your weakness, selfless Lalima’s heart got selfish because of me, forgive me.

She says you knew the truth and did not tell Bhabho, you could have said truth to family. He says he has even felt her selfless nature, he has regarded her as Devi, she was there with him when there was no hope for his life, how can he insult her. She says Sooraj and Sandhya Jodi is like Shiv-Parvati, no one can come between them, I did mistake and I will rectify it, I will unite Sooraj and Sandhya now.

Everyone happily cry seeing Sandhya and Bhabho. Sooraj asks Bhabho to accept Sandhya totally, in her both avatar, without any anger or complains. He says Sandhya gave many tests in every step of her life, she proved herself always, not anymore, I don’t want women to give Agnipariksha for society. Meenakshi asks what test? Sooraj says I have seen Sandhya cursing herself, you all had anger, hatred and complains in your eyes, so I called social welfare and police here to prove Sandhya’s love. Sandhya asks did he do this, he did this wrong.

Sooraj says since 14 years, you have kept this family united by love and trust, why to doubt on you now, you are also a brave police officer, she has helped us always and did her duties of a bahu, she has duty towards her country too, so I want whenever police and country needs her, we should also encourage her. Bhabho blesses Sandhya that she is always a suhaagan, and also protect country as a good officer. Sandhya smiles and touches Bhabho’s feet. Bhabho says I accept Sandhya as my eldest bahu and a police officer. She hugs Sooraj and Sandhya. Everyone get very happy and cry. Lalima goes to room.

Bhabho breaks Sandhya’s fast. Meenakshi says someone is stealing sarees from her shop and asks Sandhya to catch the thief. Lokesh asks Lalima to think again. Sandhya comes to them. Lalima says she was coming to Sandhya, she has Sandhya’s one thing. Lalima gives the Kanha idol to her. Sandhya says Sooraj said right, you are Devi. Lalima says we both are humans, I do mistakes and you both neglect it, I m trying not to fall in my own eyes, your selfless love has won, I lost on Karwachauth love by winning, as I have greed to get love, I did not know when my Tapasya turned into greed, you just wanted to save Sooraj, I have seen true love story and felt your love. She folds hands to apologize, and says your love is like diya and baati, and wishes them togetherness. Sandhya hugs Lalima.

Bhabho arrives and asks Sandhya did she deliver her to hug, she has deliver her for some do the job. Bhabho claims Lalima, Lokesh, we wish you the two to celebrate Diwali with us. Sandhya suggests That is Bhabho’s command, you could’t refuse to this. Bhabho blesses them.

Sandhya and Sooraj have a talk. She suggests this Karwachauth is most Specific, I received my loved ones back, I m really content, I did not know this may take place. They see Meenakshi scolding Vikram for not getting a reward for her. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to choose, women continue to keep fast for husbands, don’t they are worthy of a gift. Sooraj states Meenakshi is true, its each individual wife’s present, display this purchasing application to her and buy present for her. Meenakshi states what if issue does not get exact. Sandhya says no, matters occur branded and primary. Vikram books a factor for her. Meenakshi states its terrific detail. Vikram thanks Sooraj for conserving him. They go away. Sandhya asks for her gift. Sooraj states you got your gift, Bhabho’s like and household. Sandhya says its was previously mine, no gift for me, I m likely. Sooraj stops her.

Sandhya says this place is nice. Soorak asks will Bhabho agree. Bhabho and Babasa also see some good places and talk whether Sooraj and Sandhya will agree. They all collide outside the travel agent shop.

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