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Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Meenakshi about Emily. Meenakshi says Emily has gone for parlor work. Sandhya says fine, call her, I have imp work. Sandhya recalls telling Emily to make Om receive Meenakshi’s call on her phone. She thinks to bring out Purvi’s truth her way. Meenkashi calls Emily. Emily gives her phone to Om.Om answers the call. Meenakshi tells Sandhya that its Om’s voice. Sandhya asks Om’s voice, you may have dialed Om’s number, check well. Meenakshi says check, I called Emily. She puts phone on speaker. Emily tells Om that we will order food here. Purvi hears them. Meenakshi says they are at hotel. Sandhya makes Purvi hear it. Purvi gets angry and thinks Emily is not leaving Om. She asks Meenakshi to knead flour and goes. Meenakshi says everyone is laxy, it means now I have to knead flour.

Vikram says its enough now, I think we should take matter to police. Maasa says come with me fast, you all will know truth. She asks Babasa does he not trust his Maasa. Babasa says no. Maasa cries. Bhabho asks where do we have to go. Maasa tells about hotel. Bhabho agrees to come. Purvi goes to the hotel and rushes to Om’s room. She thinks Emily supports me infront of family, and here she is alone with Om, she is acting, I will show the result of playing game with me. Sandhya tells Om that Purvi is coming, be ready. Om says Maasa is getting everyone. Sandhya says Emily, this is necessary to bring out truth, do as I want. Purvi waits for lift and then rushes upstairs.

Maasa, Bhabho and Sooraj come to the hotel room. Bhabho asks whats happening. Sandhya says give me 5 mins, hide behind partition, don’t say anything till I say, please. Sandhya asks Sooraj to record everything, and hide behind curtain. She also hides. Om takes sindoor in his hand. Purvi enters the room and gets shocked. Emily and Om see Purvi there. Sooraj records everything. Purvi throws the sindoor and reacts angrily. She asks Emily how dare you get your maang filled by Om, this is my right, whoever comes between me and Om, I will not leave that person, I can go to any extent to get Om, you don’t know me, go and ask Maasa, what I did with her.

Emily, Bhabho and Sooraj get shocked. Purvi says I will not bear anyone coming between me and Om. She gets a knife from fruit bowl and scolds Emily. She says last time, I just hit on your head, this time I will not leave you. Sandhya stops Purvi from stabbing Emily and fights with her. She throws the knife and catches Purvi. Purvi gets shocked seeing everyone. Sandhya asks everyone to see Purvi’s true face. Bhabho says so this is true face of this helpless troubled woman, she was lying and proved Maasa a liar, I did not see such woman. Sandhya says yes, I wanted to bring her true face out and did this planning, Purvi is clever and does not leave any proof. Purvi pushes Sandhya and runs.

They all come home. Bhabho apologizes to Maasa and says I did not know Purvi is doing this. Maasa says Om and I have been bearing a lot and could not tell anyone. Sandhya says Purvi has locked herself in room. Meenkshi says she should die by shame. Maasa says no, Meenakshi did not understand Purvi, she would be planning her next step, we should call police soon. Purvi comes and says police will come for sure, to arrest you all, not me. Maasa says stop it, don’t drag my family. Purvi says I told Sandhya to put Maasa in jail and I will go with Om, Sandhya had to use her mind, now your family will bear the punishment. She blackmails them about Sparsh. Maasa asks Sandhya to wait, Purvi is dangerous and can do anything with Sparsh, I can’t risk her life.

Purvi gets kerosene and puts on herself. They all get shocked. Purvi ignites the lighter. Sandhya and everyone get shocked. Purvi says I will burn in this fire, and your happiness and freedom will also burn. Meenakshi asks are you mad, does anyone burn herself alive. Purvi says you will save me, you will take me to doctor and it will be police case, they will take my statement, I will tell police that you all burnt me alive, then the headlines will be Rathi family burnt their bahu alive, you all will die in jail, Sandhya will lose job and get punished, you all will burn in this fire too, be ready to go to jail.

Meenakshi tries to leave. Purvi sees her and throws the container on her. She asks are you going to call police, I already called, I said I m Rathi family bahu, you want to kill me for dowry, please save me. She laughs. She says police was not believing Sandhya’s family can do such crime, now they will come and arrest you all, it will be domestic violence and murder charges, Bhabho sorry this time your fav bahu can’t save you, I have tied Sandhya’s hands by her law, she will get punished. They all get shocked. Purvi laughs. Sandhya looks on angrily.

Sandhya walks towards Purvi. Purvi says don’t walk ahead, else I will burn myself. Police comes there.

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