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Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya getting shocked seeing the laddoos fallen. She asks how did this fall. He says it fell, what will you do. She says you did this intentionally, I will complaint to pujari, you can’t win. He says go, who will believe you, you came to win the lost trust on your shop, think how to make this work fine in 10mins, I m done and I m leaving. He leaves. She cries and recalls how Sooraj’s shop was ruined by angry people.

Everyone wait for the Prasad. Dipen comes there with the laddoos and smiles. Meenakshi says Sandhya did not come. Sooraj tells Bhabho that Sandhya will come, don’t worry. She says yes. Sandhya says I can’t lose and break Sooraj’s trust, I will win trust on Rathi sweet shop back. The third bell rings. Pujari says time got over now. Meenakshi

says if Sandhya does not come, it will be big disaster. Pujari asks why did Sandhya not come with Prasad. Bhabho says she would be coming. Dipen says I was busy in making Prasad, I don’t know she made Prasad or not. Sooraj thinks something wrong happened, Sandhya can’t lose.

The man says we can’t expect anything from Rathi sweet shop. Pandit says we can’t wait for Prasad now, and asks pujari shall we keep bhog from Dipen’s Prasad. Chavi says you all got fooled by Sandhya’s stubbornness, she could not come with Prasad, are you all glad getting humiliated. Pujari says Dipen’s Prasad will be kept as bhog. Chavi thinks Dipen has won, and my loan got cleared too. Sandhya comes and stops pujari. Dipen gets shocked seeing her.

Everyone get glad seeing Sandhya. Sandhya says sorry, I got late, but I made Prasad. Meenakshi tells Chavi that Sandhya has come, she will show she did what she said. Pujari says I hope you both made Prasad cleanly and honestly with devotion. Dipen assures that. Sandhya also promises that the Prasad is clean and pure. Dipen says she is lying, all the laddoos fell down. They all get shocked.

Maasa, Emily and Om go to Ritu. Ritu gets angry on Emily and asks are you happy now. Om asks will you make any guy your life partner just to get married, the man who does not know relation keeping and characters, one who does not respect women, why are you regretting to lose him. Maasa says marriage is not about clothes and jewelry, husband and wife relation wants love and trust, which was not here, if we got to know this after marriage, its good we got to know on time. Om and Emily also explain Ritu. Emily says I always heard saying its good if it happens by heart, else its better, this maybe Lord’s wish, and it can never be wrong, this was not first time when Mahen misbehaved with me, I told you now with courage, if I stayed silent and you married that guy, if you knew Mahen is not a nice guy, would you not ask me why did I not stop your marriage. Om says women keep quiet at such times and its their mistakes too, but Emily told us on time. Ritu says Om took right decision, I understood now, forgive me. They smile.

Sandhya says I have made Prasad cleanly. Dipen says she is lying, I have seen her laddoos fallen, she picked that and got it. She says he is lying. He asks are you mad, how can your Prasad be pure, I have made your Prasad fall on ground by my hands. The people get angry and scold Dipen for doing this sin.

Meenakshi says Dipen accepted how big crime he did, he is a liar and sinner, we can’t keep his handmade Prasad as bhog. Pujari scolds Dipen for falling so low. Dipen says I admit I did mistake, its not right to keep fallen laddoos as bhog, this is insult of Lord, tell me how will she make 51 laddoos in 5mins, we will ask Sooraj, can this be possible.

Sooraj says I agree with you, this is not possible. Dipen says then its true that Sandhya got fallen laddoos. Pujari says I gave chance to Sandhya with belief as I have seen that belief in Sooraj, you both proved I did big mistake to allow you to make maha Prasad. Meenakshi tells Vikram that Sandhya never lied and never did wrong, I m feeling bad, she is doing this for Sooraj. The people say Sandhya is fraud and cheating us. Pujari says both mahaprasad will not be kept as bhog today.

Sandhya stops pujari and says you think my Prasad is not oure, atleast see it once. She made some other sweets in less time. She says this is not laddoos, its batashe, I know you told us to make laddoos, I made it and Dipen threw it, I could not make laddoos in 5 mins, so I have made batashe in 5mins, its pure, there is nothing bad in it. FB shows Sandhya checking the items, and thinks I have just sugar and nothing else left. She says you have to see that Prasad is made by love and devotion, I knew I had to make 51 laddoos, I made this batashe, devotion matters, I swear I made this by devotion, trust me. Pujari says we will discuss and tell you whether we will keep this as bhog or not. Pujari tells everyone that they have taken decision that Rathi sweet shop will make maha Prasad this time. Rathi family gets glad. Sandhya cries happily.

Sandhya runs to Chavi’s room and knocks the door. Vikram breaks the door and everyone get inside.

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