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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Garjana men talking about wine. They plan to make Sandhya drink wine and laugh saying how she danced last time after drinking. Sooraj hears them and gets angry. He thinks they want to make fun of Sandhya, she has to be in senses, as she has much things to go, I have to stop Sandhya from drinking wine. The men take the wine and drop the pipe inside the wall. Sooraj looks on.

Shekhar tells commander that tomorrow will be new sunrise for Garjana. Shekhar stops Sooraj and asks him to bring sweets. The men tell Sandhya that Shekhar has sent water and asks her to drink. They put the pipe inside and try to hear. She tries to hold the pipe. She drinks it and spits as water is cold. She then drinks it. Sooraj looks on and drinks water from the similar pot. Jai hanuman…………..plays………… Sandhya drinks water. He men think she is drinking wine and laugh. Sooraj thinks he has sent water for Sandhya and fulfilled his promise.

FB shows how man was taking the pot and Sooraj collided with the man. He then changed the wine pot with water pot. Sooraj says now nothing will happen to my Sandhya and breaks the wine pot. He thinks to free Sandhya in some time and says it seems dance started, its time, and prays to Lord. He says he has to do his duty by saving Sandhya and then doing his duty towards his country. The dancer girl makes everyone busy.

Sooraj thinks he has make them have the sweets to make them faint. The song Ghagra……….plays…….Shekhar and all the men dance. Sandhya is seen relaxing against the wall. Sooraj serves them sweets. Shekhar stops him and asks him to eat the sweets himself. They all look at Sooraj. Sooraj takes a piece and recalls Sandhya’s words to make some sweets for himself, by marking it, as Garjana men can ask him to eat sweets too.

Sooraj eats sweets and then Shekhar and everyone eat. Shekhar asks them to play music. The girl continues to dance. They all eat sweets. Sooraj sees they all fainted and runs towards Sandhya. He sees the wall broken down and vacant place. He shouts Sandhya….

Meenakshi apologizes to Bhabho. She asks her to forgive her and retains her feet. Bhabho says she has forgiven her. Meenakshi leaves. Babasa asks Bhabho to reply the household and conclude this issue. Bhabho claims this isn’t basic, It will probably be big make any difference. Vikram and Meenakshi look at that make a difference. She states she will find out. He stops her and asks her to not do something. She says I will definitely find out what they are hiding.

A man normally takes Sandhya, whilst she struggles to totally free herself. Sooraj seems to be for her and says in which shall I find her. Sandhya asks the man to leave her. Sooraj worries and asks who can damaged the wall, who took Sandhya. The man sings Bengali song. Sandhya thinks who can this be. The man removes his shawl and shows his deal with. Sandhya will get shocked viewing Himanshu.

She says Himanshu….. He says Sure, Himanshu. She recollects him. FB demonstrates previous times. Himanshu states your fiancé Himanshu, you trapped me and reached Garjana. He claps for her and praises her cleverness. Sooraj shouts Sandhya and runs within the jungle. Himanshu asks did you’re thinking that you and your supporter will damage Garjana’s prepare, you won’t acquire each time, Garjana is incredibly robust. Sooraj gets Sandhya’s name badge in the jungle.

Sooraj and Himanshu Possess a fight. Even though Sandhya is weary to the tree and fireplace lit near her. Himanshu overpowers Sooraj and normally takes a stone in his hand.

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