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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying where did Riddhi go, did we lose her. They look for Riddhi. Bhabho calls Sooraj. He tells Sandhya and answers call. Bhabho tells him that Ved has gone to temple. He says I can’t hear you, hello…. Sandhya goes to see Riddhi. Meenakshi tries to tell Sooraj. Ved follows Riddhi. Ved sees Riddhi and enters the temple after she steps in.

Ved sees Riddhi at the temple door. Riddhi gets tensed seeing the snakes symbol door. Ved looks on from far. Riddhi prays and the door opens for her. She enters there. Ved also runs inside the door. The door closes. Sandhya turns and looks at the door……. She seems to get shocked. Sandhya sees the huge door and looks around. She wonders if Riddhi went inside and recalls Binny’s words. She sees the snake and gets shocked. The snake opens mouth and Sandhya falls down on the ground. Sooraj comes there and holds her. He asks what was this, are you fine. She says don’t know, some power pulled me backwards. He says I have seen Rakshak snake, villagers said just Neelvish patients can get inside the temple.

Riddhi sees the two snakes idol. Ved looks on. Sooraj stops Sandhya and asks her not to go inside. He says I m worried for Riddhi. She says I think she is inside, I want to go inside. He says no, come with me. Meenakshi says maybe there is no network Bhabho, I can’t contact them. Binny says if Ved gets inside temple, it will be very bad. Bhabho says nothing will happen. Binny says I told you no one except neelvish patients can go there. Bhabho worries and scolds Meenakshi for not taking care of kids. She says Ved is in danger and I m sitting here, no, I will go there to temple, I will get Ved. She leaves with Binny. Meenakshi worries.

Riddhi walks ahead. Ved looks on from far. Riddhi does aarti and puja. She keeps her savings there. Ved witnesses everything. Riddhi moves back and starts leaving. Riddhi prays standing near the stairs. Some light appears near the snake idols and Mukeshwari idol appears. Riddhi and Ved look on.

Riddhi sees Devi Mukeshwari. She turns seeing the bright light. Sooraj and Sandhya stop seeing the light illumination from the temple. Sooraj stops Sandhya and says there is some danger, come with me. Ved looks on. Riddhi and Ved faint. Sooraj and Sandhya are leaving from jungle and stop seeing Bhabho and Binny. Sooraj says Bhabho, I called back but…. Bhabho says you shut up and scolds Sandhya for not believing devotion. She says Ved has gone to temple with Riddhi. They get shocked.

Sooraj asks how can Ved go there, we have seen Riddhi going alone. Sandhya says no, Ved did not go, I did not see him with Riddhi. Bhabho says he is your son, Golu said Ved went to temple to prove you true. Binny says Ved went there, the result can be worse, you don’t know Ved can die too. They all get shocked. Bhabho says nothing will happen. Sandhya says we should go back, Ved is in danger.

Riddhi comes there and brings Ved. Sandhya saks what happened to him. Riddhi is seen normal. Riddhi says you did not believe Devi’s miracle, but I have seen myself, when I opened eyes, I saw Ved lying unconscious, I don’t know how he reached there. Sandhya cries and asks how did Ved reach there. Sooraj hugs Ved. Binny says Ved entered temple without neelvish disease, result will be very bad. Sandhya worries.

Everyone look for Ved. Sandhya gets shocked seeing Ved bringing the Mukeshwari Jhanki.

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