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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th December 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Satya thinking of Lokesh and Emily’s crime confessions. He says two people are claiming that they have killed Mohit, their stories are also right, but one of them is lying, its important for us to know, if this case does not get solved in 24 hours, it will b given to CBI, which I can’t bear. Awasthi gives Lokesh’s file and brings Lokesh. Satya tells Lokesh that Mohit died after 20mins of calling you, you would take 28mins minimum to reach him in the fields, you are not Jatayu to fly and go, how did you kill a dead man, I don’t know. He asks him to give some special tip on this skill. He makes Lokesh sit and asks him to say the truth, what is the reason that you are ready to take this serious crime on yourself, despite being innocent, tell me if you will regret, there is truth hidden by a lie, which only the liar knows, I want to know why are you taking this big blame, don’t be a fool. This will be just your loss, you are young and will be in jail all life, your life will be ruined, tell me the truth.

He says fine, if you don’t want to say, we have many ways to find truth, shall I try that options. Lokesh says I have killed Mohit, this is the truth. Satya asks him not to play games with him, this is his police station and he will find the truth. The more time it takes, the more he will hurt Lokesh, that’s his promise.

Satya hears a constable talking to pandit about date of birth and death, that’s very important. Satya thinks he got the way to test Emily’s story. Sandhya is at home and thinks just 24 hours left now to find truth, else it will be more bad for the family. Emily says Bhabho asked to keep Mohit’s photo with her belongings. Sandhya keeps the drawing.

Ved comes and says Pari has made a drawing, she was ill since many days. Emily sees it and gets tensed. Sandhya says great, show me. Emily takes it and tears it. Sandhya asks Emily why did you tear Pari’s drawing. Emily asks what else do you want to find, I confessed I have killed Mohit, why don’t you arrest me. Sandhya gets Satya’s call. Satya reminds her that they have just one day, this case will he handed over to CBI tomorrow. Sandhya says I remember well. He says he got a clue which can make them reach the murderer, come to police station soon. She says I will come and ends call. She recalls Sooraj. She thinks her fear can get true. Sandhya meets Satya at the temple.

Satya says congrats. Emily’s truth will be out. Satya greets pandit and says I m Satyadev and she is Sandhya Rathi, we have come to know about Mohit’s death, did his wife come here. The pandit says yes. Satya asks what did Emily give the details. The pandit recalls. FB shows pandit asking Emily about Mohit’s death time which is important for ashes immersion. Emily says actually I don’t know. Sooraj comes there and tells the date and exact time. FB ends. Pandit says Mohit’s wife could not say the time, so Mohit’s elder brother has told the time to me. Satya asks is he sure. Pandit says yes. Satya says thanks. He tells Sandhya that its strange that Mohit’s ashes immersion was done after 3 days and post mortem report also did not come, it means…. He asks where is she lost…. He says it means no one can know Mohit’s death time, then… Sandhya cries. She says its time you interrogate Sooraj Rathi. She tells him all the clues going against Sooraj. Satya thinks.

Sandhya and Satya call Sooraj for interrogation. Sandhya looks at Sooraj. Satya asks Sooraj to come and sit. Satya says I m sure you know why we called you, we got some things infront of us which raised few questions, you have to answer the questions honestly. Sooraj asks him to question. Satya shows the note paper and says this paper has your wife’s Sandhya’s new official number, its same number on which some unknown man has called to inform about Mohit’s death, we got this paper piece from PCO dustbin, same PCO from which we got the call. He asks how did this paper reach that PCO dustbin?

Sooraj says yes, you are right, this is my handwriting, but I don’t know how it reached the PCO, I have thrown it after saving this number in my phone, I don’t know where I have thrown it and how this reached that PCO, I did not go there. Satya reminds him the kurta Sandhya gifted him, and after Mohit’s death, you bought same kurta from the shop, this is the bill and shop guy is ready to identify you, I want to know what did you do with two kurtas.

Sooraj says his old kurta got damaged by working in shop and he bought new kurta. Sandhya thinks why is he lying. Satya asks where is your old kurta. Sooraj says I gave it to a poor beggar. Satya asks where were you when the telephone exchange caught fire. Sooraj says I was outside police station, I came to solve Vikram and that man’s fight, anything else. Satya asks Sooraj how do you Mohit’s death exact time, post mortem report also did not come till that time. Sooraj gets quiet. Sandhya looks at him.

Sooraj sees Bhabho and thinks he will do for what he is waiting. Satya tells Emily that he knows everything, and also what is hidden after her fake story. Emily gets tensed.

Written Update By Amena


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