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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking why did Arzoo go in this border area. She tells Sooraj that Arzoo has got in ATS commando truck and went to border by hiding. Bhabho says I m worried for Arzoo, don’t know where she went. Sandhya says don’t worry, wait in Dharamshala, we will just come. Bhabho says no, I will come along. Sandhya tells Sooraj that Arzoo has gone to India-Pak border, Bhabho can’t come with us there, stop her. Bhabho says I will come there, you both took Arzoo’s side, I will see Arzoo.

Arzoo hides and sees the border security force unit. She sees the guards there. She thinks now none can stop me from fulfilling my mission. The truck enters the BSF gate. A man is shown at the border, who keeps ammunitions. Sandhya and Sooraj stop at some point, from where ordinary people are not allowed to go ahead. Bhabho asks what happened. Sandhya asks Bhabho to wait, common public can’t go inside. Bhabho asks why, what is this place. Sandhya says there is India-Pak border closeby. Bhabho gets shocked.

The commandos are trained by the senior. He says we want to see can anyone trick BSF and get inside the border, you all have to try to get ahead of border and we will see if our security or you all pass this test. They all get ready. Arzoo looks on. The commandos wear civilian clothes. Sandhya tells Bhabho that I will take permission from BSF and go there, Sooraj you be with Bhabho. Bhabho says no, I want to see why Arzoo came here, I will come along. Sandhya says fine, I will take permission from office. She goes.

The commandos try to cross the border and Arzoo too gets mixed with them. That man gets a call and answers. Sandhya meets the BSF officer and gives her Id card. She says I want permission of two more people with me. She thinks Arzoo has come here by hiding. Arzoo crawls as the commandos do, to reach the border.

Arzoo thinks just 2 steps away is my destination. That man turns and his face is shown. Its Gul. He says we have to reach border soon, we got the news that she is coming.

Sandhya asks officer to hurry. He says just some time. She thinks I may get late. Sooraj asks Bhabho why is she worried. She says nothing. He thinks Bhabho is getting afraid coming at border. The commandos decide to ahead after the next patrolling jeep passed. Sandhya gets the permission and goes inside the unit with Sooraj and Bhabho. The commandos go ahead and get caught by BSF. Arzoo reached the border and gets tensed. The army officer asks Arzoo who is she, how did she cross this place. The trainer says she is not with us, our commandos are here. The officer scolds Arzoo and asks her motive, why did she come here, is she linked with enemies. Sandhya comes there and introduces herself. She says this girl is Arzoo, she is my sister in law. Officer says its strange, she us caught here and did not tell her name and identity. Bhabho asks Arzoo why did she not tell them. Gul comes near border and looks on.

Gul stops Sandhya. She gets shocked seeing him and identifies him as Gul.

Written Update By Amena


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