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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Meenakshi saying Emily grinded this haldi. She says see Emily is standing quietly and got me scolded by Bhabho. Everyone see Emily. Meenakshi thinks now Bhabho will scold Emily. Bhabho says its fine, go Meenakshi, grind haldi again. Meenakshi asks what. Bhabho says I will grind haldi and goes. Meenakshi tells Chaturi to see, Bhabho changed when Emily’s name in between. Chaturi goes to Bhabho and says I will grind it. Bhabho says no, I will manage.

Chaturi says you changed so much Bhabho, you were tigress of this house, you had strict rules for bahus, even this avatar is good, but I m seeing for the first time. She says a mother in law should show right path to her bahu, and not leave her place whatever happens.

Chaturi and Meenakshi sign Sandhya. Sooraj comes downstairs and sees Sandhya making Badiyas….. He thinks its right time to apologize to Sandhya. Sandhya smiles seeing him. Meenakshi says she should show attitude, why is she smiling. Sooraj looks around. They sign Sandhya not to smile. Sooraj goes to Sandhya. Sandhya falls over him and they have an eyelock. Meenakshi and Chaturi look on. Tu sooraj mai saanjh……………plays………….. Sandhya and Sooraj get lost in each other’s eyes. Sooraj apologizes to Sandhya. Meenakshi goes and disturbs them. She signs Sandhya. Sandhya asks Sooraj what sorry, can’t he see and walk. She says you spoiled my Badiyas, I have to make it again. She goes. Sooraj thinks what happened to Sandhya.

Chaturi, Bholaram and Vikram smile and are upto the new plan. Vikram and Bholaram go to Sooraj. Bholaram says I have seen all that, your name should be Bholaram, its big thing, Vikram told me what all happened, I m also like Chaturi, don’t feel bad. Sooraj says nothing like that. Bholaram says I think Sandhya is not interested in you, try to do something different. Sooraj says I did not understand. Bholaram says even Brahma ji did not understand women, wife is wife, they don’t accept apology. Sooraj says no, my Sandhya is not like that. Vikram says no, if we bend, they will catch our neck, don’t be sweet.

Bholaram says Sooraj should have put mistake on Sandhya, then sorry would have come from Sandhya. Sooraj gets thinking. Bholaram says you get your old love by turning this sorry and thanks other way. Sooraj says yes, but what to do for this. Bholaram says just show attitude. Sooraj says no, I can’t do this. Bholaram asks why, you want Sandhya’s love right? Then just do this, you change and everything will get fine.

Sandhya tells Meenakshi and Chaturi that she won’t do this. Chaturi and Meenakshi convince her to tease Sooraj, make him jealous, then light hearted Sooraj will be back, else that regretting Sooraj. Sandhya agrees to them. Her anklet gets stuck in saree. Sooraj comes there and looks at her. He recalls Bholaram’s words. He thinks to try once again to talk. Sandhya recalls Meenakshi and Chaturi’s words. She calls Ved and asks his help. Sooraj and Sandhya turn away. Sooraj thinks he should do something else now. Chaturi asks Sandhya to do this way, she is going right. Sooraj thinks he has to do something in sangeet.

Sandhya says I can’t trust Sooraj. Sooraj says she is saying right.

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