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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with the terrorists saying we did not come to kill you, we just want to leave from here. Arpita thinks I need to call commissioner and ask for force. She moves and something falls. Sandhya sees Arpita and runs after her. She shoots and makes Arpita’s phone fall down. Arpita runs. Sandhya aims gun at her and asks her not to move, else I will shoot. Jimmy comes to shoot Arpita. Arpita says I know you are not loyal to country, you acted brave and true, you are a traitor, you don’t deserve all the awards, you have worn uniform and don’t deserve this, as you did not keep the vow towards duty, I will expose your true face infront of everyone, I will tell country and police department about your truth. Jimmy says we should kill her, she will spoil our plan. Sandhya shoots at Arpita, and she falls down the glass window into the cliff.

Sandhya comes back home and tells everyone that she has shot Arpita, as she has known everything. Jimmy says yes, she is saying right, she shot Arpita infront of me and Arpita fell in the cliff. Leader says you are getting promoted in these crimes, what degree do you want, thief, traitor or murderer. Sooraj says no, Sandhya can’t do this, I know it’s a lie. Leader asks him to ask Sandhya. Sooraj says Sandhya knows I can bear anything, but not a fake blame on you. Leader shows the news of Arpita got disappeared, her mobile is found near the cliff, her body is searched. Leader asks Sooraj to say is this news wrong. Bhabho thinks Sandhya did this to keep her promise. Sooraj says this is lie. Bhabho says don’t say anything to Sandhya today, the difference between right and wrong ended, she has given big sacrifice, she has left her ideals and sacrificed her vow, she did this for all of us and small kids.

Leader asks Sandhya the plan. Sandhya tells that your friends will come with me on dinner, this is big test for us, no one should doubt that they are not real scientists, then they will leave in the helicopter. Leader asks how will I go, what about me. She tells the plan to send the leader, the man is going with scientists in helicopter, you will replace him. Leader says you are a true genius, I m sure our plan will work. He salutes her. She looks at him.

Leader asks Jimmy to make a solid one this time, no one should know about this. Jimmy says this will take few hours, I m doing my best, don’t worry, no one will know of this. Jimmy uses some chemicals to make something dangerous. They see someone at the door and rush to see. They see PP. PP asks are you mad. Leader asks what are you doing here. PP says I was guarding the place, so that no one comes. Leader asks Jimmy to prepare chemicals in 10hours.

Later, Leader asks Sandhya is she ready. She asks his friends to come. He says if anything happens to them, I will blow this place, nothing wrong should happen, I will keep an eye on you by this camera pen. He asks his friends to make way of exit by helicopter, then we will celebrate. The terrorists in scientists’ disguise join hands.

Sandhya leaves with the three terrorists. They see their pics pasted on the road walls and joke on Sandhya that Pushkar police made them famous, but now Sandhya is taking them as guests. Bhabho asks Sooraj why is he silent, what is he thinking. They cry. She hugs him and says Diya and Baati are incomplete without each other, don’t think of what she did. Leader tells everyone that you all will see Sandhya live on the tv now, and you all will die if she does mistake there, you will be directly affected by her actions. Everyone look on.

The people on the road protest against Pushkar police and stop Sandhya’s car asking her to answer what is police doing. She asks them to get back. They ask her to answer. She says give us 12 hours, I promise normal life will return in Pushkar. Inspector tells Sandhya that way is clear and she can go. Leader and everyone see this on the tv. Sandhya say this was last checking, we will reach dinner place now. Sandhya and the terrorists reach for the dinner. Commissioner looks at them.

Sandhya says we will execute our plan at night. Commissioner and Arpita help her. Sandhya and Sooraj make the kids run away. Rocky comes and aims gun at them.

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