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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya recalling Bharat’s words. Bharat says he will click some pictures. He asks Himanshu to send some pics to his mum much too. Himanshu usually takes Sandhya’s photos. Bharat thinks the mission will get quick If your group will get Sandhya’s pic. Himanshu says He’ll send the pic. Sandhya and Himanshu consider Bharat’s blessings. Sandhya goes to chemist and normally takes colour elimination liquid. She tries removing the red coloration. Bhabho and Sooraj arrive there. She suggests she is ok, why did he choose her for assessments. Sooraj says it absolutely was just typical checkup and will take her to chemist to get medicines. Bhabho sees Sandhya and demonstrates Sooraj. She asks how did she get this crimson color, she went on duty, why is she cleaning it as if she wants to disguise it from us.

She suggests she’ll inquire Sandhya. Sooraj stops her and states he can even not question her, he is familiar with she will say if she has to, and he or she won’t say if she isn’t going to want. Bhabho claims whats Erroneous to talk to her. He suggests I believe in her, I don’t want her to think that my have faith in is weak. They occur property. Bhabho claims she doesn’t know Sandhya’s job, Sooraj says Sandhya is undertaking appropriate, Mohit doesn’t believe in his wife, and Sooraj blindly trusts Sandhya. She says she’s going to put the dish in microwave. The oven does not begin.

Emily will come and assists her. Bhabho stays irritated and can take dish back again to heat on stove. Sandhya claims we get angry on These whom we appreciate, on whom We have now ideal. Bhabho says Emily is just a stranger for me, I m not connected with her. Emily cries. Sandhya says relations can’t be broken so quickly, you understand you’re keen on Emily a lot. Bhabho claims its Improper, she will be able to go anywhere, she can stay if she needs, I m not associated. Sandhya claims you look after her, you may hear your heart shortly. Bhabho says that working day will never appear. She leaves. Sandhya asks Emily not to get rid of hope, she has produced a program.

Sandhya asks Ved to deal with experiments. Ved says why is she staying demanding. She claims she has taught him, now she feels he desires tuition teacher. Ved claims why, you might be there to teach me. She suggests I m stringent. She hugs him and thinks she gained’t be with him after she goes on mission. Ved says she is minor strict. Bhabho asks shall I go now. Sandhya asks her to take a seat in sunlight. Ved states it will make bones strong. Sandhya claims Certainly, make them sit in sunlight in my absence. Ved claims don’t get worried. Sandhya asks him to study.

She sees Himanshu there during the lane and receives nervous. She claims did he doubt on me. Himanshu appears to be like inside the Rathi residence. Sandhya’s pen falls down and she or he hides. Ved says He’ll go and acquire the pen. Sandhya stops him and suggests no need to have. Himanshu appears in the pen. Bhabho thinks why did she get terrified when a pen fell down. Sandhya sees Himanshu thinking about her residence. She phone calls Bharat and states Himanshu is infront of her house. Bharat states what. She states possibly he has question, he has come below.

She suggests our prepare has unsuccessful. Bharat asks how did he arrive at there, what is he accomplishing. She claims he goes inside our saree shop. Bharat states This may be perilous, he mustn’t see your confront, I will send some staff to divert him, control him. Himanshu enters Vikram’s store and thinks so This is certainly Rathi saree centre. He asks Vikram to point out good sarees. Vikram asks the team to indicate, and sees Everybody fast paced. He sees Sooraj and asks him that will help him, by showing sarees to Himanshu.

Sooraj asks him to come back. Sandhya looks on concerned. Sooraj asks what sort of saree does he want. Himanshu suggests Bengali occasional saree. Bharat sends some personnel there. Sooraj asks for whom does he want this saree. Himanshu claims my fiancée. Sandhya tells Bharat that he has gone to see saree for me, and my spouse is showing him. Bharat says no, your truth of the matter should not appear out, You will need to halt them.

Sooraj shows the sarees. Himanshu claims I don’t know which one particular to buy. Sooraj claims I do think you didn’t acquire saree just before. Himanshu suggests Of course, are you currently married. Sooraj says Indeed, I have child much too. Himanshu asks him to help you and Sooraj chooses one. He asks him to determine. Himanshu says she is quite Wonderful, reasonable, major eyes, very long hair. Sooraj states wonderful, I just felt you’re speaking about my wife. Himanshu states he has her pic in telephone, he can see this and show any very good saree suiting her. Sandhya tells Bharat that Himanshu will probably demonstrate Sagarika’s pic to my spouse. Bharat says my officers will access there, you’ll be able to’t go there. Sandhya appears to be on. Himanshu states This really is my fiancée Sagarika and provides the cellular phone to Sooraj.

Himanshu meets Sagarika and it is shocked looking at mangalsutra. Bharat also sees it and gets worried.

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