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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj trying to find Sandhya in the village. Emily sees Ritu chatting and smiling. She goes to Ritu and says Maasa said Om and Purvi did love marriage, is this true. Ritu says yes, Om fought with everyone and married Purvi, everyone knows this. Emily thinks they had so much love in their relation, when Om comes back, how will I face him. Maasa looks on. Sooraj cries and thinks its 2 days, but I did not find Sandhya, where to find her, where did she go leaving me. He gets a call from Bhabho, and thinks how to tell her that I did not find Sandhya.

An old man looks at him and sits to talk. He asks whats the matter son, you look worried, happiness and sorrow will come and go, you have patience, there is temple 5 kms away, if you feed poor people there, all prayers get fulfilled. Sooraj goes to that temple and prays.

The man says your name’s food will be given to poor, don’t worry, take the receipt. Sooraj requests to feed the poor people by his hands. The man says its great thing to do, Mata Rani will fulfill your wish soon.

Maasa asks Emily to leave soon, Om has come, he has thrown things in anger. Om calls someone and asks where are you, come soon. Maasa says he is not in senses. Emily says I will talk to him. Maasa says no, I will manage, go from here fast, I will get Pari. Emily goes out and sees Om. Om asks the taxi driver to drop Emily to Pushkar, Hanuman Gali. He fumes. Emily cries.

Sooraj feeds food to the poor people and beggars. Ek ke bina adhura duje na……………siya ram…..plays…………. Sandhya sits in the beggar’s line and has shawl covering her face. Sooraj gives a food plate to her and his hand touches her hand. He feels Sandhya and holds her hand. He looks at her. The shawl moves off her face by the air. Sooraj lifts the shawl and gets shocked seeing Sandhya, with blackened face.

He says Sandhya and cries. He holds her face and asks her to look at him. He says I m Sooraj, look at me Sandhya. She is not in her senses. He says I have come to take you, your hand is in my hand, see….. The beggar tells about Sandhya, she has not eaten food. The people say don’t know whats his relation with this beggar. Sooraj takes Sandhya and says I won’t let anything happen to you. He shouts Sandhya, why don’t you look at me, I m your Sooraj, talk to me. He moves her. He runs and gets a bucket of water. He pours water on her and cleans her face. The man says she is Pushkar SSP Sandhya Rathi. The lady says yes, how is she here in this state. The man says don’t know what happened, that her state has become like beggars. Sooraj lifts Sandhya and takes her. Rahon se kaante hum chun lenge……………plays………..

Sooraj makes Sandhya sit and shows her little kids swordfighting. He asks did she forget herself. He says you are my Sandhya, the one who did not lose to anyone, who is fearless and accepted all challenges in her life, who did not run away from the battle ground, the one who did not lose till now and always won, the enemy is inside you today, this is your fight with yourself, you have to win over lost trust and love, I want to see you winning always like a brave lady, you have to make good win, look there, if Sandhya loses by her fear, this will be failure of my love and trust, it will be failure of every women, for whom you are an inspiration. He encourages her. Sooraj asks Sandhya to get up and show the world that truth is still alive. Sandhya holds his hand and gets up.

Bhabho says don’t know whats happening, Sandhya went away and was found at Bajpaas, she did not come home, what work she had. They get shocked seeing…..

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