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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd December 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying there is nothing like that, I will say if they is anything. She ends call. She thinks to talk to Sooraj and bring this truth out. She comes to Hanuman Gali and thinks how to question Sooraj, its related to his emotions. She thinks talking and knowing things is important. She goes to Sooraj’s shop and asks about him. The man says Sooraj has gone out to get some items. She says fine, I will call him. Meenakshi comes and asks her to come with her, she has to tell something imp about Sooraj. Sandhya asks what is it. Meenakshi takes her to saree shop and tells her about Sooraj, who is behaving weird, today something worse happened.

FB shows Sooraj asking Vikram what did he tell those men. Vikram says I told them we will not pay Mohit’s loans, Mohit died and have out everything on our head, if we pay 4, more 40 people will come. Sooraj says they were insulting Mohit, he was our brother, our blood. Vikram says I agree, but we are not crorepati, why should I, you and Rathi family pay for him. Sooraj says he was our brother, will he come back if we pay for him, he is dead. He starts shouting and asks will anyone get my brother back, there is no value of money, I can give him my life, money is not important than brother. Sooraj removes his watch, ring and chain. He asks Vikram to sell everything and also his scooter, he will also sell house, shop and even himself, but not let anyone point to Mohit. He cries. Vikram holds him. FB ends.

Meenakshi tells Sandhya that we all know Sooraj loved Mohit, but Mohit left this problem after his death, Sooraj is ready to take all burden on him, he is ready to sell house, you can explain him, tell him not to do this. A man asks Meenakshi to show sarees. Meenakshi goes. Sandhya thinks I have to ask Sooraj about Mohit’s murder, and on the other hand, Sooraj is ready to sell himself for Mohit’s name, Lord has put me in dilemma.

Someone takes Sandhya’s phone in the shop and hears Satya’s voice mail. Satya tells about the caller recording and asks Sandhya to come there to take that call CD recording which they did not get before. The man keeps phone back and the phone falls down. Sandhya thinks she is wrong to think Sooraj has killed Mohit, but why did he take another kurta. She is in emotional turmoil and tries to figure out her two opinions. She thinks till she talks to Sooraj, her trust will not shake. She cries. The man gives her phone, which was left at shop. He says it fell down, check if its working.

She sees Satya’s voice message which someone has heard, who will hear it. She says maybe message opened as phone fell, and asks the man when will Sooraj come. The man says he will come in some time and goes. Sandhya hears Satya’s voice message. She wishes that voice is not of Sooraj’s. its night, someone comes to that telephone exchange. The man tells the watchman that he has kept a CD for police and asks him to hand it over, he has written Sandhya Rathi and Satya in the envelop, its not original, I saved it from computer, I don’t think they will ask original. The person hiding in shawl, goes to record room to get that CD. The watchman hears sound and asks who is there. He climbs upstairs. The person gets the CD and breaks it. He tries to find the original file. He watchman comes out. The person damages the electricity wires and power goes, also fire gets ignited in that record room. The watchman sees him a and asks who is he, stop. The person runs out and hides. The watchman asks for help, and tries blowing off the fire. The person removes his shawl and its Sooraj.

Vikram calls Sooraj and tells him that he took scooter with him to item delivery and someone has hit the scooter. Sooraj says don’t worry, its good you are fine. Vikram says yes, I m fine, but there is big dent on the scooter, I got that man to pay money, I got him to police station, you also come there. Sooraj says but… Vikram says don’t worry. Sandhya is here, come. Sooraj worries and thinks he forgot about dicky, it police checks dicky then…. He recalls how Mohit was hit and died. Then Sooraj bought another kurta and changed clothes, he has kept that first kurta in scooter’s dicky. He thinks if Sandhya knows about that kurta.

Sooraj asks Vikram to come. Vikram says Sandhya is coming. Sooraj says I have imp work, come. Sandhya looks at Sooraj. Sooraj panics.

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