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Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st October 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

Bharat calling Sandhya. He says he was passing by her city and thought to meet her. She says fine, I will come and meet you. Sandhya meets Bharat at the restaurant. He says he got late, as there was much crowd at Rathi Mishtaan Bhandaar. She asks did he go there. Bharat says I have learnt a lot from you and Sooraj, determination and courage. He asks is she fine, she looks worried, did her family say something. Lokesh is with his friends there and sees Sandhya there. He thinks what are they talking.

Sandhya says nothing, but situation tells a lot, I was away from my family for 8 months, they have bear a lot. Lokesh goes close to hear them. Sandhya says my death’s lie made my family go through tough time. She says my Bhabho is annoyed with me, she always loved me as my mother, so I forgot my parents in her love, but I was unable to do a daughter-bahu’s duty, I feel I should leave my job and manage my home, serve my inlaws, they need me.

Bharat says I respect your feelings, but our department and country need such talented officers, and about love for family, even your family loves you, its not one sided, its not their hatred, its annoyance of loved ones, you have to win their hearts by love. He gives her sweets made by Sooraj. She eats sweets. He asks her not to lose courage, as those who lose courage lose before fighting. She says you are right, I will win this fight, thanks. Lokesh records this and thinks Sandhya you have to lose, as my sister has to win.

Sooraj talks to Ved and says how did gun go downstairs. Ved says maybe someone took the gun there intentionally. Sooraj thinks who can do this. Meenakshi comes shouting and says her costly sarees from the shop got stolen. She cries and curses the thief. She says let Sandhya come, I will make her catch the thief. Bhabho looks at her. Meenakshi says sorry. Mohit thinks does Meenakshi know he steals those sarees.

Sandhya and Sooraj again boil the leaves for Bhabho’s knee pain. Babasa comes there and asks Sandhya why is she doing this when Bhabho said she will not accept her, what hope she has. Sandhya says hope is selfish, I m doing this for Bhabho as I love her, mum-daughter’s relation can’t break. Babasa blesses her and leaves. Sandhya smiles and asks Sooraj did he see Babasa blessed her. Sooraj says I told you everything will be fine. He thinks he also believes this, but he is worried thinking who kept the gun, who wants Bhabho and Sandhya’s relation nolt to get fine.

Lalima tells Lokesh that now this recording will question Bhabho and Sandhya’s relation, this time Sandhya has to lose, she will regret so much that she will leave Sooraj and this house, I m waiting for tomorrow, Sooraj will become only mine. Its morning, Meenakshi asks Vikram to choose one hand. He asks why. She says I m waiting for decision, Sandhya or Lalima….

The ladies come there and say Bhabho has invited everyone for Karwachauth, did they do all arrangements. Meenakshi says don’t worry, this time its different. The lady asks how many bahus are coming from Rathi family, 3 0r 4. Bhabho says 3 bahus. Another lady asks them to prepare dance well and not give any excuse. Bhabho says I called mehendi designer, let mehendi applied. Bhabho gives Karwa pot to Emily and Meenakshi and blesses them. She has the third pot in her hand. Sandhya and Lalima go to take her blessings.

Sandhya cries and Lalima smiles seeing her crying. They hear people protesting against Bhabho, asking her to apologize. They all get shocked. The people with banners and media get inside the house. Bhabho says I m Santosh Rathi, who are you all. The lady asks how can be unjust with the IPS officer on whom the country is proud, does she not want to give her freedom, whats the difference between you and men who think women are just to work at home. Sooraj says you are mistaken, Bhabho did not do anything. The lady says Sandhya don’t worry, Mahila Mandal are with you. Sandhya says you are mistaken, who told you all this. The lady says you are saying this being afraid of your mum of law, don’t worry, we are working for women’s right, you are inspiration for all women, why are you bending if you do this, what will other women do.

Sandhya suggests Bhabho is not really such as this, she supported me so I turned IPS officer. The lady suggests you advised the truth, see this video clip. All of them begin to see the edited video clip with distinctive meaning. Sandhya suggests she did not say this fashion, its edited in Completely wrong way. She asks the ladies to leave as she didn’t approach them with grievance. Bhabho says no Sandhya ji, its Absolutely everyone’s ideal to free girl from a mum in law’s tortures, I need to apologize to large police officer. Sandhya cries.

Sandhya cries. Sooraj retains her. Vikram asks Sooraj to come back quick, Bhabho’s health has obtained unwell.

Written Update By Sahir


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