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Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Your Episode will begin having Sandhya having mad keeping in mind Police officer Singh’s talk about. Shekhar greets the woman. Sandhya selections the mineral water container and smashes this. Shekhar converts and recognizes your pet. Manjari occurs and scolds Sandhya. Sandhya argues having your pet. Shekhar requires Manjari never to argue and gives the amount of money involving Sagarika’s theatre to be able to the woman. Sandhya usually takes the amount of money and affirms the girl can’t carry the woman dad’s insult, she could spend every one of the dollars, the woman pop seemed to be government worker, he or she gets pension, I am going to obtain which dollars and chuck on your own face, come to location when camping, your banker can there be. Shekhar believes the particular saas bahu fight generally moves on, and foliage.

Sandhya believes currently Shekhar/Chandu will spot the way the girl unwraps Garjana’s doorway to be with her, she could not really enable Police officer Singh’s loss of life go waste materials, she could satisfy Bharat. Meenakshi conveys to Bhabho which probably Lalima features thieved items. Bhabho handsover the particular utensil to be able to the woman and requires the woman to consentrate and talk. Mohit requires Meenakshi with regards to several notion. Meenakshi affirms the girl could present Sooraj the particular engagement pic, that he seemed to be marrying Lalima, he then won’t such as the woman. He requires the woman to show this to be able to your pet quickly. Meenakshi manages to lose the particular pic to be able to Lalima and requires the woman to hear the woman.

Sandhya believes Bharat will endeavour to realize the woman. Manjari and Sandhya usually are on how. Manjari affirms the girl would not obtain virtually any gift. Sandhya affirms she could obtain the woman dad’s pension. The lady believes she gets to express to Bharat and enter Garjana currently, the girl would like to wreck his or her approach. A guy carries crazy and Sandhya identifies your pet seeing that Bharat’s specialist. The lady affirms jane is keen and travels to purchase groundnut. The lady allows your pet an email. He says which Sagarika needs to obtain within Garjana Sanghatan, and she is going to pension office, they have to be ready right now there. Sandhya believes Bharat can deal with everything when he or she gets the info.

Lalima drags Meenakshi external and requires how come the girl harming Sooraj, in case the girl indicates this pictures, he can end up being injure. They’ve humiliated to be able to Sooraj and the woman, many people smashed the rely on. The lady affirms the girl attained Sooraj’s medical doctor, he or she asked preserve Sooraj delighted, in case he or she gets injure, and then it will eventually impact the mind a good deal, which can be lethal regarding your pet. Bhabho and everyone look in. Lalima requires don’t many people benefit Sooraj, usually are many people the family members as well as enemy. Bhabho believes really does Lalima want to assist Sooraj. Meenakshi requires Bhabho to determine Lalima can be phoning the woman enemy. Lalima affirms the girl won’t get away from all of them as long as they injure Sooraj. Meenakshi argues and requires the way dare you hold my personal hand and take myself in this article, get free from my house. Ved prevents Meenakshi.

He meows and affirms Sooraj is going to be unhappy in case Lalima can be kicked out and about, he can get away from home once more. He asks for Meenakshi never to send Lalima. Sandhya and Manjari come to pension office. Sandhya conveys to with regards to Shantanu Das pension and they obtain inside the office. Sandhya recognizes Bharat right now there and affirms Sir…. He requires the woman to express quickly, can he or she have all day in this article. The lady conveys to with regards to the woman dad’s pension. Bharat requires Dubey regarding their tea. Sandhya affirms thank you, we all don’t would like their tea. Bharat affirms I m seeking their tea regarding myself. Sandhya affirms we all got their start in much. Bharat affirms where to start, would you need to do virtually any like in you.

Manjari affirms the girl issues myself all day, the girl does not do virtually any operate. Sandhya actions on her feet. Bharat affirms you generate the application form, offer ones dad’s specifics. Sandhya writes with regards to Agrima Singh, who needed to assist the woman and perished, the girl provided this info coming from Garjana, they have to crack the info, she gets to be able to enter Garjana’s collection currently, she gets reached Chandu, its Shekhar, who have thieved electric power computer chip, its section of the masterplan, I am going to realize its quickly.

The lady provides each papers to be able to Bharat. Bharat says this. Manjari foretells Sandnya. Bharat gets stunned reading through this, and indications Sandhya. He coughs and a joke. Manjari requires just what would the girl examine. Bharat affirms you are Shantanu’s little princess, who perished throughout coach crash. Sandhya requires you understand your pet. Bharat affirms without a doubt, everyone should know your pet, he or she seemed to be a part of Garjana Sanghatan. Sandhya affirms just what, its not true, are you not really uncomfortable, my pops seemed to be the tutor, he or she had not been related to Garjana. Manjari appears to be in bewildered. Sandhya affirms apologize for this. Bharat affirms exactly why can i apologize into a traitor’s little princess.

He affirms ones pop seemed to be related to Himanshu, who was simply correct hand involving Garjana. Manjari affirms Himanshu my personal son. Sandhya affirms I don’t be familiar with Himanshu, nevertheless my pops acquired absolutely nothing to find out. Bharat affirms you don’t understand whilst your pop built your pet son throughout regulation, you need to do drastically wrong having government and come to consider pension, the face ought to be blackened. He throws printer ink on her face. Sandhya affirms its my personal directly to have pension, I am going to not really go. Bharat requires Dubey to be able to send all of them out and about. Bharat hope this test is going to be sufficient to create Sandhya a part of Garjana, it will assist the woman acquire Garjana’s rely on, hope his or her approach succeeds.

Sandhya and Manjari get back to small town. Shekhar recognizes Sandhya’s blackened face and requires just what took place. Sandhya will go. He requires Manjari. Manjari conveys to your pet everything just what took place throughout pension office. Shekhar will go following Sandhya. Sandhya tends to make the rope range to hang himself in the woman behaving.

Lalima really does Sooraj’s tilak and affirms I mention to be able to Sandhya currently.

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