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Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya raising hand to slap Chotu. She sees Arzoo holding her hand. Arzoo cries and asks what are you doing, Chotu broke trust, then what did you do, you did big mistake, just recall your crimes, you did worse. Sandhya stops. Arzoo says when I came in this house, I did not know anything, I was Jhalli, I tried to win your trust, but you never trusted me, your hatred did not get less. She says you gave me terrorist tag and punished me, I came here for my true love, before pointing finger at Chotu, look at yourself, Chotu did that for his love, he did that to get Piya, what was your intention, hatred for me…. She cries. Sandhya looks at her. Chotu asks Sandhya why did you stop, beat me. Sandhya comes out of her imagination. Chotu says I deserve this, beat me.

Sandhya gets angry and throws the things, grains, utensils…. Everyone get shocked seeing her. Sooraj stops Sandhya and asks what are you doing, and why, are you in your senses. She hugs him and cries. Bhabho and Chotu cry. Sooraj holds Sandhya and looks at her. She could not meet his eyes and leaves. Sooraj gets teary eyed. Meenakshi says we did not see Sandhya’s anger before, don’t know what happened to her. She blames Chotu for hurting everyone and calls him outsider, what will they expect from him. Bhabho thinks Chotu is her responsibility.

Emily asks Maasa whose locket is this, tell me, your silence is scaring me. A man comes and tells Maasa that he has seen a car hitting a woman, the woman has fallen down the cliff, I have seen she was our Purvi Bhabhisa, Om’s wife, I could not save her, I just got this chunri. Emily gets shocked and cries. Maasa hugs chunri and cries. The man apologizes for not being able to save Purvi. Sparsh hugs Maasa and cries holding his mom’s chunri.

Sandhya recalls Arzoo’s words and looks at herself in washroom mirror. She thinks what did I do, I took an innocent person’s life. She washes off the red color. She sits there and cries. Sooraj comes there and sees her crying. He hugs her. They cry.

Chotu sits by Arzoo’s side and cries. He plays the recording in which he says I came to talk in your way, I lied to you a lot of times, I lied when I saw your pic for the first time, I will apologize till you come out from coma and say you have forgiven me, everyone call you terrorist, but I also cheated, my crime is big too, you may have cheated country, but I have cheated your heart. He cries and holds her hand. Constable says your meeting time got over. Chotu leaves.

Daisa tells Bhabho that it was not your mistake, no one thought Arzoo will be a terrorist, she had innocent face.

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