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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj, Vikram and Chotu coming in the function dressed as women. Daisa stops them and says I did not see you before, whose bahus are you. Vikram says we came here recently, how will you see us, you are already in your problems. Sandhya, Meenakshi and Arzoo dance on Kuchi Kuchi Rakkamma………….. Sooraj, Vikram and Chotu laugh seeing the act. They also dance standing away. Meenakshi becomes Sooraj, while Arzoo and Bhabho does Vikram and Meenakshi’s part. Sooraj, Vikram and Chotu also dance with the ladies. They fall down and get seen by everyone.

Bhabho asks them what are they doing here, when she asked them not to come, and how did Sooraj support both of them. Sooraj says this was Chotu’s idea. Vikram says yes, this was Chotu’s idea. Chotu denies it. Babasa comes there, wearing a white tshirt with Bhabho’s pic on it. He says how will they agree, afterall they are my sons, they will be like me. Everyone smile seeing Babasa’s new look. He tells his sons that everyone is fair in love and war, get up, if we are celebrating, lets sing and dance, see what we men do in this sangeet. The wives pull away the husband’s sarees and laugh. They all dance together.

Babasa blesses Sandhya and says I m very happy. Meenakshi asks Babasa did he not gift for Bhabho. Vikram asks Meenakshi to come out of Sooraj’s role. Babasa says I have a surprise, Bhabho and I will go to celebrate our anniversary in Dubai. He shows the gift, a white tshirt for Bhabho, with his pic and message I love Arun. They all smile. Bhabho says I won’t go anywhere, Babasa can go alone. He says I knew she will say this, you have lived all life for family’s happiness, I got another gift for you. She shows a necklace set and bangles. Everyone smile. He asks Bhabho not to refuse for this. He makes her wear the necklace. Sandhya says Sooraj ji, its looking so good to see them together and happy. Meenakshi asks Vikram to see Babasa got diamond necklace for Bhabho, why did you not get it. Bhabho says Meenakshi won’t change.

Sandhya asks Sooraj what happened. Sooraj asks him to hold a hand, he has girl and boy’s chit in his hands, I want to see if its girl or boy this time. She smiles and says you can’t know like this. He says I don’t have time, please. She holds a hand and says this one. She gets the chit and reads Beti written in it. She says daughter…. They smile. He says I knew it will be a daughter. She checks other chit and sees Beti written in it. she says you cheated, whats this, I won’t talk to you. He says you gave me two sons before, Vansh and Ved, our family will get completed with a daughter. Ved hears this and asks really, I will get a sister, I will give this good news to everyone. Sandhya asks him to stop. Ved tells Bhabho and Babasa that he will soon get his sister. Bhabho says yes, Lord will give you a sister, she will be reflection of your parents. Ved asks will she tie me rakhi in Raksha bandhan. Meenakshi says she will come after 9 months, she will tie rakhi next year, if it’s a brother then. Ved says no, I want a sister, I can’t wait for 9 months, can’t she come soon. Babasa laughs and asks him to wait for some time. They all smile.

Everyone sit having a talk. Babasa misses Pari and Emily. Someone knocks the door. Babasa says Daisa would have come to ask for mangoes chutney. Meenakshi says I will refuse her. Bhabho says wait, I will see. Emily comes home. Bhabho and everyone get glad. Bhabho says we were just talking about you, and you are standing infront of me. She sees Pari and Sparsh and asks why did Om not come, why do you look sad. Emily cries and asks Pari to go with Sparsh. Emily moves aside and shows Purvi. They all look on. Bhabho says she does not look well, get her inside. Emily and Bhabho take Purvi inside the house. Sandhya and everyone look on puzzled. Meenakshi asks Vikram who is she. Vikram says don’t know. Emily says Bhabho, she is Purvi, Om’s first wife. They all get shocked.

Emily says Om and Maasa proved Purvi dead, but Purvi was alive. Bhabho says but Purvi’s accident happened by your car. Emily cries and says no, Purvi’s accident never happened by my car, Om and Maasa lied to me. Sandhya asks what. Emily says they both locked Purvi in room, I can’t say what injustice they did with Purvi, I got Purvi here so that Sandhya gets justice for her. Purvi thinks Sandhya, Maasa took your name and troubled me, now see how Sandhya punishes Maasa.

Sandhya says we have to find truth. Emily makes Purvi ready. Purvi sees sindoor in Emily’s maang, and hits her head to the dressing table mirror.

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