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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with power failure in the court. The lawyer tells Sandhya that its darkness and it means Lord is not with her, you know court proceedings do not happen in darkness. Sandhya says don’t think this is insult of the court, we have come to fight with this darkness of injustice. The judge asks her to say. Sandhya says we women will have to hide face by shame if Bhabho gets punished, its just shame.

The lady says if Bhabho is punished, it will mean its shameful for us to be born as women. Other lady raises voice asking is girl responsible for wrong happening with her. Sandhya says the decision is in your hands, will we live in fear and shame all the life, or will the society give us equal rights to live free, why is law punishing the one who saved a girl’s respect, instead of supporting that person, why. If Bhabho is punished today, no one will save a girl, everyone will move back and not help any girl, it will be shame, law is not by emotions, but law is made to help humanity, this is not about just this case, but about this question.

She asks the lawyer to answer being a woman, does she not want a respectable society for women, does she have questions to ask, then she can. The lawyer says I rest my case and now the decision is in judge’s hand. The judge writes the decision. Everyone look on. the judge says it will be first time in history that truth is seen well in darkness and proceedings happened in court, its true Santosh Rathi killed her son, but she did whats impossible for a mother, justice is different for everyone, the country’s law does not do biasing between man and woman, we give right to live equally, it will be historic decision today, this matter is thought well of, and now the court decides that law is to protect society, and society comprises of humans, so court releases Santosh Rathi by all blames with respect. Everyone get glad and clap. The judge says I want to salute this great woman and mother. He salutes Bhabho. The power comes. Everyone hug each other and is very happy. Bhabho smiles. People outside the court dance happily. Sandhya hugs Bhabho. Bhabho happily cries and hugs Sooraj.

Satya checks all the case incidences and facts and talks to Sandhya. FB shows the scene of how Mohit was killed and complete investigation joined to get a clear picture of the happenings that day. He says I did not see such murder case investigation ever, many said they killed Mohit and their stories were true, I m glad to see such loving family, person should be good in his own sight, people find flaws even in Lord, do the honors. Sandhya writes solved on the file and seals the case. He says I learnt a thing on not having opinion without knowing anyone well, I hope we don’t need to work again, I m glad to see your sincerity towards work. He salutes women power. She thanks him and they shake hands. He says well done, I m proud of you. She smiles.

Bhabho is brought home by her family. She gets sad seeing comments written on the wall. Sandhya cleans the bad remarks.

Vikram says Sooraj did this being helpless. Meenakshi says but he broke Sandhya’s trust, now see there will be a knot in their relation. Sooraj hears them.

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