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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj taking Vansh to Arpita. Arpita asks Vansh what happened, why are you tensed. Vansh cries and says aunty…. Bhabho thinks Vansh can say truth that terrorists are hiding in our house. Arpita asks him to say. Sandhya thinks if Vansh says truth, Ved and Kanak have to pay the price. Vansh recalls terrorist’s words and says aunty, take me to my mum and dad once, I want to see them for the final time. Arpita says yes Vansh, I will take you there. Arpita thinks Vansh is sad, but why is he scared, elders are lying easily, but kid can’t lie, there is something they are hiding. Leader tells Ved that Vansh did not open his mouth, Sooraj said right, Vansh loves his brother and sister.

Sandhya, Sooraj, Bhabho and Vansh do Ankur and Ankita’s final rites. Arpita looks on. Sandhya cries and recalls Ankur. She says after mum and dad left, Ankur and Ankita were my Maayka, today I feel like I have become orphan, all my childhood memories ended. Sooraj says I know Sandhya, your sorrow is much, its tough is accept this truth. He wipes her tears and says this is not time to cry, if you break now, then who will manage Vansh. Sandhya hugs Vansh and says we are not alone Vansh. Vansh pushes her and cries. Arpita walks to them. Vansh says my mum and dad will be in my memories, I will not forget them.

Bhabho worries seeing Arpita coming. Vansh says I will not forget you helped their murderers. Bhabho says Arpita ji…. Sooraj hugs Vansh. Bhabho says the family broke, I had a wish to feed little children for Ankur and Ankita’s soul peace, this is some money, if you could send this to any orphanage, it will be a favor. Arpita says sure, and goes. She asks constable to donate the money to orphanage. Arpita sees Sandhya’s phone getting research centre call. Vansh says I wanted to walk on true path, I feel truth does not exist, I want to become powerful, I would have punished the murderers. Arpita answers call. The man says our scientists group is coming to Pushkar. Vansh says I will become bad man then everyone will be scared of me. Sandhya says no.

The man tells Arpita that IDs are sent to commissioner’s mail box. Sandhya sees Arpita using her phone and asks Sooraj to see Vansh. Arpita thinks strange, Sandhya did not tell me about the scientist group and she is given responsibility. Arpita passes the info to Sandhya and says I thought its imp call and I received, I did not disturb you, I hope you did not feel bad. Sandhya takes her phone. Arpita thinks why did Sandhya not tell me, she had something in hand when she collided with me, is there any connection.

Arpita talks to commissioner and says its very urgent, I need to talk, maybe you will not believe me, but I have doubt on Sandhya, she is hiding something from the department. Commissioner says you know what you are saying. Arpita says yes, if you hear me, you will understand. She tells about Sandhya leaving imp meeting and going to his Cabin, she collides with me and had some documents. She tells everything.

Sandhya says I have to keep Id cards back in commissioner’s officer, we don’t have time, do whatever you want to, but hurry up. Leader calls his friends, who come in scientists’ disguise. Sandhya gets shocked seeing them, and thinks no one can identity them as terrorists. Arpita says Sandhya has stolen something from your confidential mail bob, my doubt is not baseless. He says you are pointing to Sandhya’s work, she is honest police officer, you are just thinking wrong. Arpita says maybe, but we were taught to clear the doubt. He says fine, I will check my mail box to clear your doubt, come.

Leader says Emily has done this magic, she has great talent. He says the ID cards are ready, you also show your talent. Sandhya says I have to put this back in mailbox, I have to keep this in sealed envelop. He asks her to hurry up. Commissioner and Arpita are on the way. Sandhya is on the way too and thinks to put the IDs before commissioner checks his mailbox.

Arpita tells Commissioner that Sandhya is hiding something, something fell that day. Sandhya thinks Arpita has doubt on me and I have to go by back door. She goes to keep the IDs and opens lockers. Commissioner and Arpita come there and see her.

Commissioner tells Sandhya that two scientists are coming. Sandhya thinks three scientists were coming, how come two are coming now. Babasa gets unwell. Bhabho asks Sooraj to do something. Sandhya shoots at Arpita’s hand. Arpita falls from the window.

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